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【Urgent Recruitment!】 English Teaching Jobs!

By Guidable Writers Mar 6, 2018

Do you live in Japan with a working-holiday visa? Are you searching for a full-time/part-time employment or dreaming about working in Japan yet you don’t have a proper visa? You can’t speak Japanese and you are facing difficulties finding a job in Japan? Have a look at our 7 newly released offers from various English Language Schools, career possibilities throughout Japan are available and some of them will assist you with the visa process, specific requirements are written in details below:



Part-time English Teacher at Everest English school


Everest English school wants to fill in the educational gap between society and the current educational system (elementary to university). The school’s teaching method is not as much grammar-based, but rather based on a more practical approach aimed at teaching students how to communicate by using the universal language of English. Are you a creative person? Good! Everest wants to make original materials for teaching english based on the textbooks they have!

Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Wage: ¥1,500~3,500/h


  • Japanese: None
  • English: Native

・Minimum 3 years’ experience of teaching English to children required

・Must currently reside in Japan

・Must have a proper visa to work in Japan

・General American accent preferred

・Applicants who can commit long term prioritized


Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/555


Lead Teacher / Assistant Teacher at Clarence International School


Are you an open minded person who likes to have fun? That’s perfect! Clarence International School offers a unique opportunity for a culturally rich international education in Tokyo. Founded on the British curriculum, children receive a strong academic grounding via a bespoke immersion into literature, dance, music and visual arts, all delivered by exceptional teaching staff.

Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

Wage: JPY 220,000-300,000 per month + bonuses


– Japanese: None

– English: Native

– Experience in early years education

– Strong interest in the arts


Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/696


Full-time English Teacher for Children at KYOSHIN Co., Ltd


KYOSHIN Co. is looking for teachers who are active and enthusiastic to teach children English have an excellent communication skill, and an interest in Japanese culture and working with Japanese staff members. They also organize special events such as parties, summer camp, picnics, etc. occurring on Sundays. Are you looking for a fun environment to work at? There you have it!

Location: Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama

Wage: ¥250,000/month + transportation fees

Visa sponsorship available

Social Insurance provided (Health Insurance/Japanese Pension/Workers Insurance)


– Japanese: None
– English: Native
– Able to work as part of a team
– Able to commit to at least one contract year of employment
– University graduate


Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/695


English Speaking Teacher for Children at First Learning


First Learning is a school that provides American style education in both English and Japanese. “A Creative Curriculum” is the philosophy of the school, which supports children in various ways in order for them to reach their own future goals. The school is not only an English language school but also an educational school where children find their own interests and learn about themselves and others. If you are a good team worker, considerate to children and passionate about educating them, then you are definitely what the school is looking for!

Location: Nagareyama, Chiba

Wage: 220,000 yen~/month


– Japanese: Conversational
– English: Native
– Must currently reside in Japan
– First language must be English
– Must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher
– Holding a degree in Education is preferred
– Must be passionate about educating and teaching children
– Must have an interest in our school philosophy


Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/694


Native English Instructors at Linguage Unit, Zenken Corporation


We are currently seeking part-time Native English Instructors to be registered for future possible cases in Numadu (Shizuoka), Shin-Misato, Shiraoka (Saitama), Funabashi-Nichidai-Mae and Yachiyo-Midorigaoka (Chiba). Depending on the clients’ needs the school might offer weekly and intensive programs! These are private/group classes on location, in our clients’ offices.
Materials/Textbooks will be provided!


Location: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba and Ibaraki

Wage: ¥3,500/hour


– Japanese: Conversational
– English: Native
-Must currently reside in Japan;
-Must hold proper work visa;
-Must have at least 12 years of education in English;
-Must have at least two years of experience with corporate classes.

Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/680


Full-time Kindergarten Teachers for Kids at Tsurukawa Kindergarten

Do you like working with children?? Tsurukawa Kindergarten is recruiting teachers to support and manage the English Immersion Class with 15 kids per class. Here’s some of the activities you will be engaged in: Preparing teaching material/class management/preparing and joining the special events/leading and guiding kids in outdoor nursing activities/supporting parents/ creating classroom environment/supporting recruitment and PR activities, and more!

Location: Tokyo, Machida-shi, Miwamachi

Wage: 215,670yen~328,335 yen/month


– Japanese: Conversational

– English: BusinessLevel

– You must have a Kindergarten Teacher’s License.

– Have nursery experience.

– Have basic PC skills.

– Your English skill must be good enough to take care of children.

• Multiple subsidies offered, like ¥6,000 work subsidy, ¥14,000 family subsidy, ¥2,000 child subsidy, ¥6,000~¥10,000 class teacher subsidy etc.
• Transportation fee (up to 50,000yen/month)
• Multiple insurances
• Visa sponsorship
• 10 paid holidays/year after 6 months of employment
• Pre-training period
• Summer training period(2 weeks in August)


Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/675




Part-time English Teacher for Children at Bell Kids

Bell Kids International Preschool is a private school arranging classes usually with 2-3 English teachers who are teaching 10-20 pre-school children. The main job is preparing for lessons and teaching children English with the provided textbook by Bell Kids. If you’re looking for a fun environment, this is the right place! As seasonal events, the school sometimes holds big parties such as Halloween and Christmas!

Location: Miyakojima, Osaka

Wage: ¥2,000 yen/hour

Visa sponsorship available



– Japanese: Conversational

– English: Native

– Must currently reside in Japan

– Your first language must be English.

– You must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

– Love the challenge of working with children

– Applicants who can commit long term will be prioritized.


Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/686


Full Time English Nursery Teacher at Forest International School


Interested in child education and child nursing? Do you like a warm and cheerful atmosphere while you are at work? Forest International School is exactly that. Their philosophies about growing children are “Accept Each Child and Preschool Education by English, Bring Up a Satisfied Heart, Healthy Body, Rich knowledge, Support Future of Japan and Bring Up Global Leaders”. The school also offers an initial basic training about child education as well as consistent support throughout your career with them.

Location: Tennoji, Osaka

Wage: 248,000~291,000 yen/month + 10,000 (max) for transportation fees


– Japanese: None
– English: Native
– Must be interested in child education and child nursing
– Must have proper visa for working
– Must be diligent and a hard worker

Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/674


Part-time English Teacher for Omotenashi English at International Educational Systems, Inc.


The children at IES School range in ages from 3 to 12 and attend a class once a week after school during the week or Saturday and most of the classes are taught both by a Japanese English teacher and a native English teacher for half an hour each according to the curriculum and teaching material provided by IES. The main task for this job will be to teach entry-level English course for a group of Japanese sport facility staff!

Location: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Wage: 3,500~ 4,000yen / per hour + travel expenses will be fully covered


– Japanese: Conversational
– English: Native
– Must currently reside in Japan
– Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher
– Must have 3 years experience in teaching English to Japanese speaker.


Please apply through the following link: https://jobs.guidable.co/offers/693


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