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Why You Should Join the Construction Industry in Japan

By Guidable Writers Mar 3, 2023

If you want to work in the construction industry, then Japan is a great place to do so! It’s a stable, well-paid job, high in demand. Read more to find out about the construction industry in Japan and why it’s a highly-favoured job.

The Construction Industry in Japan

The construction industry is an important part of the Japanese economy that contributed around “5.9 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020”. There has been an increase in construction trends in the last decade directed at reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake and new construction for the Tokyo Olympics. 

In Japan, there is a continuing need for infrastructure maintenance and disaster prevention as, like many other countries, Japan is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and typhoons. As part of a five-year plan for disaster prevention, the Japanese government plans to invest around 15 trillion yen, which is likely to increase the demand for construction work in these areas in upcoming years.

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Why Work in the Construction Industry in Japan?

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There are many more reasons why you might like to work in the construction industry in Japan, here are just two that are super important!

It’s a Growing Industry

Japan’s construction industry is expected to grow during 2022-2026, with an expected output reach of JPY 39,927.0 billion by 2026. Construction for the Tokyo Olympic Games played a huge part in the industry’s growth in recent years. It’s expected construction plans for the World Expo 2025 in Osaka, and the Chuo Shinkansen line will create a similar demand. 

The residential construction market is also expected to grow in coming years if the government continues to provide financial assistance to child-rearing families looking to build homes as expected. It is presumed these subsidies will create a boost in the market by “alleviating the demand among Japanese homebuyers over the next three to four years”.

Demand for Overseas Workers


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Due to Japan’s birth rate crisis and the ageing population, the working population of Japan is in decline. This means overseas workers are becoming more and more essential to the survival of the working economy. 

Strict border controls complicating the entrance of workers from overseas after the COVID-19 outbreak had a knock-on effect, resulting in delays in construction projects. More international workers are needed to make up the workforce as new construction plans go forward over the next few years. And the government is working on “establishing a more effective legal framework” for accepting skilled workers from overseas to meet demands! Not only does this mean the demand is high, but it’s expected that entrance to Japan as a construction worker will become easier in the future. 

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Japanese Construction Company Jinrikishya Co.

If you’re looking for a construction job in Japan, then you don’t need to look any further! We’d love to introduce a Japanese construction company who are looking for new recruits and will be ready to welcome you! 

Why Work at Jinrikishya Co.?

★ No experience required!

The Jinrikishya Co. staff will train you from the basics.

★ Make money in your spare time!

If you have a busy schedule already, or a current job, you only need to commit to a minimum of one day per week, so it’s really easy to fit into your life and make money when you want. You can decide your own shifts.

★ You can apply with conversational Japanese!

You only need a conversational level of Japanese; business level is not required.

★ Satefy as a priority!

Jinrikishya Co. ensures that safety is a priority, so you can work with an easy mind and know that the company is looking out for your welfare.

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Learning More About Jinrikishya Co.

We asked a representative from the company to tell us a little more about the company. Here’s what they said:

Jinrikishya Co. is a Tokyo-based unloading service provider that offers a full range of unloading services to improve operational efficiency for our customers. Normally, when placing an order for cargo unloading, different operations are required at each stage, such as human resources and warehousing. If clients place orders with different vendors, it requires time and money to search for vendors, and the work tends to become complicated. Jinrikishya Co. in Tokyo can provide these services according to customer needs, making it possible to greatly improve efficiency in terms of time and cost compared to ordering from multiple contractors.

In addition, we also smoothly carry out auxiliary work such as material delivery, cleaning, etc., making us a good choice for those who are looking to shorten the construction period and reduce ordering costs. Of course, we do not cut any corners in terms of work. Jinrikishya Co. provides cargo unloading services in Tokyo, and we put a lot of effort into training new employees in order to provide higher-quality services.

By thoroughly conveying the know-how that we have cultivated over the years, each and every one of our employees work with an awareness of professionalism. These efforts have been highly evaluated, and we have received many favorable comments from our customers who have requested our services.

The Japanese Construction Industry Awaits!

Still interested in working in construction? If so, we’d love to hear from you. A job in this lucrative, ever-growing industry awaits you. 

You can apply to the above company from this application link

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We hope to see you soon!

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