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taxi driver in japan

Work as a Taxi Driver in Japan. More About This Golden Opportunity!

By Guidable Writers Mar 31, 2021

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a taxi driver in Japan? Getting a taxi in Tokyo is definitely a luxury for me but the few times I’ve taken one, I often find myself wondering what kind of people they meet, and how much of the local area they know, and what their day is like.

Many taxi companies are looking for non-Japanese drivers to help bring language skills and adaptability to the job! Your understanding of other cultures and customs, paired together with Japanese hospitality culture makes for a wonderful driver.

Being a Taxi Driver in Japan is a Highly-Paid, Freedom-Filled Profession in Japan

taxi driver in japan

Being a taxi driver in Japan is a very well paid, respected profession, with the freedom of movement. Many people compare it to part-time driving for Uber but depending on your hard work you can earn up to 10 million yen per year! In comparison the average salary of a taxi driver in America is 36,300 USD. Also. if you are someone who doesn’t fancy the idea of being stuck in an office all day, maybe navigating the streets in a taxi is the job for you!

Find out more on why this is such a great job to have!

Flexible Schedule and Lots Of Holidays

taxi driver in japan

With the taxi shift schedule, you can have a fulfilling private life! Have 233 days off per year! It depends on the company but one system, for example, allows you to work every other day, and only requires you to work 11 or 12 days a month. You get two days off a week (including the rest day after the night shift) and can take off up to four consecutive days off twice a month. This flexible work schedule is unique to taxi drivers who can make the most of their private time this way!

Sightsee At Work

While it’s obviously not the same as going sightseeing yourself, you can learn more about the area, discover all the interesting spots and get local information while working as a taxi driver. Take your customers to and from sightseeing spots and enjoy traveling with tourists. You can also take a stroll and look around on your break and visit new areas you’ve never been to before.

Learn More About Japan Through the Training

In order to work as a taxi driver you need to have a license and study the names and geography of the local area. This could be a great opportunity to learn more about the roads and famous spots in your area, you can always come back again to check them out and recommend them to your clients.

Communication is Key

If you are someone who has great communication skills then this might be just the job for you. The first priority may be ensuring the customer reaches their destination safely but communication is also very important. Through training and experience, you can learn how to make the customer feel comfortable through communication and hospitality. A lot of the non-Japanese drivers at taxi services say one way of connecting to clients is by talking about their home country!

Great Pay!

You are guaranteed a salary of over ¥300,000 per month after only 6 months after you start as a driver!  And this salary will increase depending on how hard you work.

Foreigner-Friendly Companies With Thorough Support

taxi driver in japan

While there are many taxi companies out there, only some have support and training for non-Japanese applicants. These companies understand the worries and problems of non-Japanese residents in Japan and can support you through the whole process. The training cost is covered by the company and allows you to obtain an Ordinary Vehicle Class 2 Driver’s License which is required for becoming a taxi driver. The instructors teach non-Japanese drivers how to provide Japanese-style hospitality as well as the all-important local geography knowledge and driving skills. Other foreign drivers are already working there so you have a colleague support group of other like-minded people in place ready to help you feel welcome.

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What Does The Day of a Taxi Driver Look Like?

This is what a typical day working as a taxi driver in Japan could look like.

07:00 Work begins
Drivers will inspect the taxis so the customers can ride securely and safely. The built-in navigation systems available in all taxis also need to be tested. The office shares any notices or important information and then the drivers are ready to take to the roads.

10:00 Driving starts
In the mornings the drivers target people commuting, shopping or airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

12:00 Lunch
Drivers can take a lunch-time break where they want, and will fully refresh in order to continue with the afternoon driving.

13:00 Driving continues
In the afternoon, the drivers target sightseers, shoppers, and business people on their way to meetings.

16:30 Break / Dinner
Before it gets busy in the evenings, drivers take a break, an early dinner and maybe fill up the tank if need be.

19:00 Driving continues
This is where the best money is made! Drivers target commuters, people on their way home from drinking, and partygoers who have missed the last train.

03:00 Return to the garage
Back in the garage drivers clean the cars, record mileage etc, and then the workday is finished!

It may be long hours but the breaks throughout the day help drivers stay refreshed! Taking these breaks wherever you like after dropping off your customers is an overlooked perk of the job. You can find new favourite spots, and visit new sights!

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How Can I Find a Tax Driver Job in Japan?

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