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Are you thinking of getting a Visa to come work in Japan but don’t know where to start?
Did you get a certain type of VISA and are you wondering if you can use it to apply for different jobs?
How to study abroad and get your documents in order? Do I need a VISA to visit Japan as a tourist?
We’ve put together some information related to VISA procedures: all the different types of VISA, the documents required for each VISA type, countries with tourist VISA exemption, and much more.
You can also read about experiences that people had about getting their Japanese VISA and get some tips and useful information that might help you out!

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May 25, 2017

即将来日留学或工作的小伙伴们还傻傻分不清楚住民票、在留卡、个人编号卡(mynumber)的区别?网上各种信息看的越多越糊涂?那这篇文章就是为你准备的! 拿到赴日签证,订好机票,找好房子就万事俱备了...

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