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[How to enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan] How to evolve Eevee.

By Guidable Writers Jul 30, 2016

[Secret Tip] How to evolve Eevee into types (Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon) as you like

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(Reference: https://gamy.jp/pokemongo/)

Eevee, which appears as a wild Pokemon in “Pokemon GO” is famous for its cuteness. 
There are evolution types: Vaporeon(Water type), Jolteon(Electric type) and Flareon(Flame typ) Usually it is decided at random so you cannot know which to be evolved.

But in fact, it seems it’s possible to evolve Eevee as you like by using a secret tip!

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(Reference: http://www.appbank.net/)

I will show you how to get the evolved Eevee as you wish!

A method is simple.

The function you need to use is to change Pokemon’s name. You choose Eevee from the Pokemon list and tap the pencil icon next to the name.

Names to change are as follow:

– To change into Vaporeon :Rainer

– To change into Jolteon : Sparky

– To change into Flareon :Pyro

Of course it will be no use if you don’t change the name before evolving. That means you need to change the name of Eevee into the name stated above at the level that you will evolve in the future then you will get the evolution as you wish.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-30 0.31.55(Reference: http://www.danshihack.com/)

In addition, the names to use for this tip, it’s OK to put all in small letters, all in capital letters or in capital for the first letter only.

Let’s get your favorite evolved Eevee by this tip!