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Japanese Ice Cream: The Top 5 to Try!

By Aika Kaise Sep 11, 2018

Do you like ice cream?

Many people love it, especially in the hot days of summer. It cools us down and cheers us up. In Japan, the total sales of ice creams for 2017 year was more than five hundred billion yen.

There are various kinds of ice creams in Japan as well, and this article will introduce five must-try ice creams you should try in summer if you come to Japan.

1. Yukimi-Daifuku

This is at the top of the recommendations list because it is one of the most unique ice creams in Japan. `Yukimi` means to enjoy a snow scenery, and `daifuku` is a type of sweet mochi which includes red bean paste inside and is covered by a rice cake. It is named because it reminds us of a snowing scenery by seeing a white powder put on it. 

However, instead of red bean paste, Yukimi-daifuku includes vanilla ice cream. It is unique because it is not a regular vanilla ice cream but covered by a rice cake! In Japan, people often eat rice cakes in winter, but you are still able to have it in summer as well.

In fact, recently, from April, 2018, it has been sold all year round while in the past, it was only sold in autumn and winter. The reason is many people, who hadn’t had a chance to try it in summer, asked the suppliers where they could buy it. And so Therefore, the company decided to sell it all year round.

This is one of the most popular ice creams in Japan, and it has become a best seller among all.
I  recommend you to try this Japanese ice cream if you visit Japan!

2. Shirokuma

‘Shirokuma’ means a white bear in Japanese.

In this ice cream, there are many types of fruits, condensed milk, and red beans so you can enjoy various tastes with this ice cream. It originated in Kagoshima prefecture, and it is sold in various types such as a cup or bar style, and a pudding or yogurt flavour as well.

You will be able to find it at most of the shops in Japan, or you can also taste it at a restaurant in Kagoshima prefecture.

Shirokuma ice cream sold in restaurants are much more delicious, so you should try it if you have a chance to visit.

3. Parm

Palm is an ice cream with a thin cover of chocolate, and there are five flavours: vanilla and chocolate, chocolate and chocolate, green tea, strawberry and white chocolate, and almond and chocolate.

All of them are tasty. When you put it on your tongue, you can feel it melt immediately. Because the chocolate is very thick, you can enjoy the feeling of melting the ice cream and chocolate together.

You can easily find it at convenience stores all around in Japan.

4. Pino

Pino is a bite-sized ice cream covered by a chocolate, and it is sold as one set of 3 flavours: vanilla and chocolate, vanilla and almond chocolate, and double chocolate.

It is also one of the most popular ice creams in Japan which then became a bestseller.

Sometimes you can find a limited flavour such as coffee or truffle chocolate. Pino ice cream’s popularity comes from these special flavours which allow you to enjoy another taste just after tasting one with the bite size.

You can get this at a convenience store as well.

5.   Choco-Monaka Jumbo

This is a type of ice cream which chocolate bar and vanilla ice cream are placed between a monaka (bean-jam wafer).

Both the monaka and chocolate bar are very crispy, and you can enjoy that incredible feeling.

If you want to eat vanilla ice cream, you can get ‘vanilla-monaka jumbo’ which does not include a chocolate bar inside.

Originally, it was first introduced in 1972, so it is an ice cream with lots of history in Japan.

You will be able to find it easily at a convenience store, so please try it if you visit Japan.

Eating ice cream as a tasty treat uplifts our mood, especially in summer, and there are some unique and delicious ice creams in Japan.

Because there are various kinds of ice creams, you have trouble to choose among them. Most of them are sold at convenience stores or supermarkets; you will be able to find them very easily.

If you come to Japan, please try such unique and popular ice creams!


Aika Kaise