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4 Tips for Warming Up in a Bath, Japanese Style

By Yae Mar 7, 2018


If you’re living in Japan, some of you may have already experienced having a long time hot bath. For those who normally take a shower every day, it may be a surprising habit to take a bath, but this is one of the special habits that Japanese people love to do on a daily basis.

Why do Japanese people tend to take a long time hot bath rather than taking a shower? Any specific reasons? Yes, there are several reasons and one of them is that it’s a very healthy habit that has been scientifically proven.

If you want to stay healthy and live longer, we recommend you to check out this article and try taking a long time hot bath tonight. Definitely, you’re going to feel different and feel relaxed more than ever before. I guarantee you’re going to love it!


What’s the Benefit of Taking a Long, Hot Bath?



Taking a shower doesn’t take so much time and people can clean up their bodies in 5 minutes. Fast right?
For those who take a shower every day, it may feel like time is money by having reduced showering hours.

However, Japanese people want to take their time taking a long time bath by justifying it with several strong points as following reasons:



1. Recovering from fatigue by half body bathing


This is one of the popular ways of taking a long time hot bath for Japanese people which is “half body bathing”.
It’s very simple, people take a bath relaxing in a lukewarm water with a temperature around 38℃~40℃.  Not too hot but it’s comfortable temperature for people.

If we take a bath for at least 20 minutes, we sweat gradually and this has some great benefits:

・Detox through sweating
・Increase in metabolism
・Effective for fat-burning
・Relieving stress


2. Diet hot bathing


This type of bathing style is for those who don’t have any heart diseases or heart troubles. It’s very effective for diet and if we take about 20 minutes long hot bath with 42℃ hot water, people will sweat up a storm and it’s the same amount of burning up calories as jogging for about 5km.

This bathing style leads following advantages:

・Rejuvenates people by nitric oxide from high-temperature hot water
・Effective for appetite suppressing



2.What Should You Do After Taking A Long Bath?



After taking a long bath, many of you may want to hydrate yourself by drinking cold water or draft beer.
Unfortunately, having cold drinks are not really good for your beauty or health since the cold water absorbed wells into your body and it’s the cause of the swelling. The body gets cold from cold drinks and people would have bad blood circulation.

Instead of having cold drinks, the best drink you must take is such as regular temperature water, warm tea or herb tea. Hydrating yourself by drinking something warm, it helps you to regulate the functions of the intestines, protecting from feeling cold all the time and strengthen your immune system.


1.Share the Same Hot Bath Together with Your Family



It’s very common habit to share the same hot bath among families in Japan.
Some of you may think it’s weird or dirty to share the same bath, but it’s clean since people share the same bath as the same way they use as hot springs or sento.
Before people soak in the hot bath, they first wash their bodies, so the hot water remains clean.
Most Japanese people share the same hot bath, and this also helps saving water bills and gas charges as well.
We use a large amount of water by taking shower since people normally leave the hot water running while taking shower. However, if people take a hot bath, they draw hot water from the bathtub and use it for wash up bodies or washing hairs.
It saves money by taking the same bath rather than each person taking a shower.


3. What Can You Do While Taking a Hot Bath?



For those who are not familiar with taking a long hot bath, many of you may wonder how can you spend your time while taking a long hot bath.
Many Japanese people enjoy hot long bath by doing the following:


・Watching TV (if it’s installed in the bathroom)
・Reading books
・Massaging legs and feet
・Think nothing but clear out peoples’ mind


We don’t get bored easily because we can enjoy the above activities.
However, it’s better not to use any electronic devices in the bathroom since you may have the high risk of getting electrical shock and electrocution death in the worst case. It’s a bad idea playing game apps around the basin areas.




Do you see now why Japanese people love taking a long time hot bath every day?
When you’re stressed out from works or studying, hot bath can help you relax.
You can also have a good sleep after taking a long time hot bath and melt away your stress or fatigue.

Taking a long time hot bath is easy on the wallet and good for your health so when are you going to do that? NOW! Why don’t you start from today!