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enjoy tokyo 2020 olympics from home

How to Enjoy the Tokyo 2020 Olympics From Home

By Devy Jul 22, 2021

Even though Japan is currently under a state of emergency due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases, we must not lose our spirit to support the athletes in the 2020 Olympics. In any condition, they still need our support as they represent their home countries in the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

enjoy tokyo 2020 olympics from home

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How to Support the 2020 Olympics When You Can’t Attend the Games

It’s important to remember that the Olympics are an important event bringing people together from all over the world, and the continuity of the Olympics must still be enlivened and appreciated by the community, even if spectators can’t attend the competitions themselves.

Under the current circumstances, we are required to hand over the best support while prioritizing our health. Keep your distance, do not make a crowd, and always stay positive.

So, in order to hype up the big Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Guidable has tips to help you celebrate, even from home!

1. Stay Tuned to Your Favorite Official 2020 Olympics Broadcasters 

Although supporters are prohibited from attending the matches, the Japanese government promises to broadcast the game completely and transparently through broadcaster media.

Many national media, together with international media, will do live broadcasts for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics following the match schedule of each sport. 

If you are intending to watch the games amid your busy schedule, here are some official broadcaster websites to keep you updated:

This is the official website from the Olympics provided for you to watch all of the games at any time. As a bonus, you will be able to choose your favorite sports category and save it as your wishlist! A totally perfect way not to miss the game. 


Another official broadcaster that will be available is NHK, which will provide you with the games in several language options! You will be able to enjoy the excitement of Tokyo 2020 wherever you are using the language of your choice.

For those of you who prefer to follow one or two particular sports, don’t forget to make sure that you are familiar with the media which provides the specific broadcast.

enjoy tokyo 2020 olympics from home cycling

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2. Keep Up With the Latest Information About the Game 

In addition to following the live broadcast about the game, bear in mind to keep up to date with the latest information about the Tokyo Olympics. You can easily get the latest information in relation to the games on the official Tokyo 2020 website here

Not only talking about the game, but the information updates regarding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics also provides a lot of other information. For instance, you can find out about behind-the-game conditions, current athlete status, as well as situations surrounding the venue that attract public attention. 

By continuing to have a curiosity concerning the advancement of the Olympics, you are automatically participating in brightening up the event, which will definitely mean a lot for all the players! 

3. Keep Supporting Your Favorite Athletes 

Another way to enliven the 2020 Olympics is to remain supportive of your favorite athletes, thus they will have more excitement to pursue the next round and will be more likely to become champions. 

The trick is to always be up-to-date about the game along with leaving positive yet supportive comments to your beloved athletes. 

Accordingly, due to the absence of the audience, let’s not make them feel daunted. We must continue to support our favorite athletes so that they will have the maximum courage to compete and make their country proud. 

Another way is by participating actively on social media, leaving a trail of comments that create more enthusiasm for the athletes by tweeting on Twitter or updating statuses on Facebook. 

Keep in mind, even though we are very passionate to support our favorite athletes, don’t forget to use kind wording and always maintain a positive attitude online and off. 

enjoy tokyo 2020 olympics from home social media

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4. Collect Merchandise From Official Outlets

In order to contribute to the most prestigious competition in the world, it’s important to keep showing our support, even from home. 

Even though we only are capable of following the games through the screen, it will be more lively, interesting, and valuable if we use Olympics sportswear or merchandise as a form of support. 

In fact, the Olympic organizers have prepared Tokyo 2020 merchandise with the best quality from most popular brands. For instance, the sportswear itself is sponsored by well-known brand Asics. Isn’t that wonderful?

Furthermore, there are also many interesting collaborations with many famous athletes and leading models to campaign the Tokyo 2020 merchandise. 

So, don’t miss it and let’s show our support through ownership of official merchandise. And don’t forget to post it on social media to jazz up the continuity of the game!

So, Are You Ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

The big games are about to come to T-Town!

As you can see, even though the world is still locked up due to the pandemic, you are still able to enjoy the game. Let’s keep the hype up and go support your favorite athletes! 

Devy Mufliha,