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Cheap Japanese snack haul: 7 Must-Buys !

By Guidable Writers Jun 16, 2017

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Are you still struggling with the souvenirs for friends back home? Royce chocolate, Tokyo banana cake or those fancy but pricey sweets at the airport? No way! We got here 7 tried and selected, cheap and amazingly delicious Japanese snacks for you! AND, I’m pretty sure you can find all of them easily in almost every Japanese supermarket!

Calbee Jagabee potato sticks

“Jagabee potato sticks”, most recommended product from the famous Japanese chips brand – Calbee, 5 individually packed bags within one box costs less than 300 yen! Perfect snack for parties, picnics, lunch breaks! Besides the regularly sold flavor, salt, butter soy sauce,  the limited edition Kyushu Soy Sauce flavor in the picture above is my favorite. The fancy packaging makes it a great souvenir option!

Alfort chocolate biscuit

6 flavors available 12 pieces melty chocolate with crunchy cookie/biscuit inside for only 120 yen! For Matcha fans like me, there’s also a matcha flavored version, it doesn’t get too chocolatey even after eating a while, you can never get tired of them!

Grilled dried squid

On diet but craving for snacks? Try this healthy low-calorie dried squid! A 100 yen small package contains about 15 pieces, takes up to half an hour to nibble on, don’t worry if you can’t finish it at a time, it’s easy to put in your bag. Extremely chewy texture with strong salty-spicy and sweet flavor will truly make a boom in your mouth!

Glico Pretz

Biscuit-sticks with a bunch of flavors, the perfect snack while watching movies or going on a road trip! Believe or not, the Pretzs sold in Japan taste more crispy than those sold elsewhere! 2 individual packages with enough sticks in one box, costs only about 150 yen, convenient for enjoying at workplace or at school!


Nissin old-coins form biscuit

OMG, the worldwide known cup-noodle producer Nissin also has biscuits?! Bite-sized biscuits shaped in up to 20 various Japanese old coins’ form, gentle sweetness with rich butter taste,  YUM!!!! 150g for 108 yen, you’ll truly get fascinated by this cute unique Japanese treat.

Kabuki Rice Cracker

As Chips-fan, I had not so much passion about rice crackers till I tried this one. Not so salty as some Japanese rice crackers, less crunchy with a soy sauce flavor. Available in both individual packages for taking-out and large package for enjoying at home, a normal 140g package costs only 108 yen.


Yukinoyado sweet rice crackers

Thin sugar coat on top of crispy crackers,  the right amount of sweetness with gentle salty flavor. Flavors available in plain sugar, apple, caramel, and matcha. One huge bag with 6 or 7 small bags, depending on the flavor, costs only 150 yen, also can be found in 100 yen store(Japanese dollar store).


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