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3 Convenient Apps That Will Make Your Life Better When in Japan

By AyumiMK Jun 3, 2017


Complicated transportation system in Japan




Have you ever heard of our transportation system in Japan? People coming from overseas often mention that they are curious if they can survive in this train labyrinth network. There is no wonder they feel nervous with our transportation system because even Japanese who are not familiar with the area have the same anxiety. Especially Tokyo where is the biggest and busiest city in Japan, has a unbelievable number of lines run through everywhere. Only in Tokyo station, more than 10 lines of trains are come and out every few minutes. In addition to a big number of the lines, there are more than 10 of operating company of the train included metro. There are direction boards at every station both in Japanese and in English usually, but it is still very complicated and you might want to give up figuring out by yourself.
On the other hand, the transportation system in Japan is very convenient once you get the right direction to transfer the train. You can go almost everywhere by train in major cities in Japan. In the central city of Tokyo, there are meters all around the city and wherever you are you only need to walk few minutes to get the nearest metro station.




Japanese language converter Apps will help you



Some of you might be surprised by the fact that we Japanese use translation apps for a smartphone in our daily life. The apps are the most convenience tool to know not only the transferring but also the arrival and departure time of the train. Because trains in Japan usually work on time so you can plan your schedule by the minutes.
These kinds of apps for the smartphones are the key to reduce your anxieties and stresses. For your convenient, we’d like to suggest you download a smart phone app for helping you to master the transportation system especially the train.
There are 3 apps that we believe is worth to download; Navitime for Japan Travel, Hyperdia, and Timor. Let’s look at each app’s functions.




Navitime for Japan Travel


Navitime is one of the most famous apps for train guide in Japan.
Here we list the main function.
– Explore (Travel guides/articles)
– Route Search
– Offline Spot Search (Free Wi-Fi, Currency Exchange, ATM, Tourist Information Center, Stations)
– Spot Search by Phone Number
– Map
– Conversation Support


There are several reasons why we recommend this app.
First, the kindness of this Navitime for Japan Travel is it shows you the direction to your destination by door-to-door in each step. Once you set your current place and destination place, you will see the list of which train on what time you should get on, and you can also see required time and money. It is surprisingly well detailed; it even shows you the train spot, which means what time you pass through which stations are all clears to you. You will know your current position, so you will not feel the anxiety of if you are on the wrong train.
Even train in Japan works on time, but sometimes it suddenly stopped or delayed cause of accidents. You might be worried if you should change the route. An Alternative Route Search program of Navitime for Japan Travel helps you in this accidental situation. It will suggest you the best route for you to get to your final destination.
This Navitime for Japan Travel offers you great support on your trip. It cost $7.99 for 7 days use but some of their functions are offered by free.

Check and download Navitime for Japan Travel




Hyperdia is a very simple app and easy use for everybody.
Here is the main function of Hyperdia.
-Route search
-Station Search from the history
-GPS searching of your nearest station
-Showing the price of the train
Simply type where you are and your destination is, and it tells you which train to get on. The required time and price is also in the direction. The main point you need to know is all included.
Conveniently, you don’t need to type the name of the station. The history recording function supports you to list the station you have been. Once you type and choose the station, the system memorizes and adds to your station list automatically.
People who are not familiar with using the apps for converter and transfer might fit this app because this is very kind and simple use.
Hyperdia costs 250 yen a month, and 2300 yen a year.

Check and download Hyperdia




Tabimori is offered from Narita international airport.
This is one of the most supportive apps for the people coming to Japan from overseas. Its functions cover the wide range of information that must worth you.
-information of life and culture in Japan
-Route Search
-Emergency manual
-Calculation of currency exchange
-Weather information
The greatest point of this app is you can access and see the information even though you are not connected to wifi. In Japan, free wifi system is not widely offered, so you might be in trouble to be online around the city. By using this app, you can access and search the information you need anytime.
We recommend you download this app because we are sure this is very helpful for you. The main point is this app is free for all functions.

Check and download Tabimori





We introduced 3 convenient apps for the smartphone, Navitime for Japan Travel, Hypermedia, Tabimori. Each of them is very helpful to you when you travel or stay in Japan. As you get used to use these apps, you will feel confident in using transportation system in Japan.
In the case you are not sure for the directions even with the app, you can ask someone around. Many of Japanese are not good at speaking English, but the apps will also help you to communicate with them. Please show them the direction that is on your smartphone screen. It is easier for them to understand your question by seeing the direction and your destination on the screen than only hearing from you.

We hope this article help you for your convenient life in Japan. Enjoy our complicated train system which is one of the Japanese cultures.