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3 Ways to Be Redelivered for You

By Guidable Writers Apr 6, 2017

Sorry, They’ll Redeliver for You

You would occasionally send/receive the package. When you receive the package, you might miss it because of absence, and you need to request redelivery to get it. If you don’t speak Japanese fluently, you might be depressed to do it, however, you can make it with several ways. Here are 3 ways for redelivery request. In Japan, transportation companies redeliver for you, too.


Redelivery Request ① Phone

The easiest way to request must be calling the office. However, contact details vary by companies; call center, operating an office, driver’s cell phone, etc. You should call the number which is indicated on your absence notification slip. Though their business hours are fixed, you can also call telephone service by automatic voice and it usually operates 24 hours a day. You operate your phone following the guidance. When you call, you have to tell the operator original delivery date, the notice number, mail/package type, your address, recipient’s name, phone number, redelivery date, and direction. You can specify time slot of redelivery as indicated, but you can’t request specific time because the delivery personnel has to visit several customers and they can’t commit themselves to your request. You need to know they can redeliver, but not only for you.


Redelivery Request ② On the Web

If you don’t have confidence your Japanese skill, you had a better request on the web. You enter detail of information on the slip to reschedule delivery (you occasionally need to enter operating office code or ZIP code). If you have joined members’ site of each company, you can request delivery schedule easier. Reschedule policy is the same as on the phone. Because you basically enter an only number or select choices, you don’t have to type Japanese.


Redelivery Request ③ Pickup at the Office

You can also request picking up your mail/package at the office. Of course, you need to request by phone, web, FAX, etc. before you visit there. You can decide on a place for pickup both the office near your home and office. When you go to the office, you are required your slip, identity confirmation documents, and your seal (optional) to pick up. Not only yours, you can also pick up your family member’s one because delivery personnel checks both addresses. However, if you live with roommates, you can’t do it instead of him/her. If you have lost your slip, you should ask sender its notice number again before the request.