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Coupons and Discount When You Go Out

By Guidable Writers Mar 25, 2017

This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified) Spanish Chinese (Traditional)

Do you know that you can get coupons and discount in various places when you go out? In general, the particular category, such as children, students, and senior can get a discount for entry of public places or buy public transportation ticket etc… This might be common things in your country, but there are some other offers in Japan.


Coupon on Website

Since there are many smartphone users nowadays, you can get various types of coupons online. (Unfortunately, the most of the sites do not seem to have the English language, but there are pictures attached for each coupon, hence you might find out what the coupons are for).Coupon site in the website offers not only for the discount for restaurant and cafe but also for beauty salon, hotel accommodation, even ordering suits, house cleaning and so on…

There are different sites, but just for information, here are some sites as examples;

  • Hot Pepper Gourmont ( English site is available. It is mainly for dining out. You don’t need to register on the site. You can show the coupon on a smartphone before ordering the food.
  • Prepare ( You need to register, but it offers a variety of coupons such as hotels for more than half prices sometimes. If you have time to travel, it is worth checking it.

If you are like me that I personally prefer to the analog types of information and once off offer. I usually get a coupon book set up in the places like a train station, convenience stores, and restaurants. 

Discount on a rainy day

If it rains, you don’t feel like to do, but this is actually a good day for going out because you can get a discount as well as enjoy fewer crowds in the place! Some restaurants, cafés, and some department stores, they have some discount on a rain day. When you visit, you might get some percentage-off, get a free drink or extra topping. It is all depending on the places. Before you go out, check the websites of the places so that you won’t miss the chance (They usually put the Umbrella mark to show that they are offering the discount). If you are around in Tokyo area, for the instant, Takashimaya Shinjyuku Store, Tokyu Plaza, and Tokyo Solamachi usually have rainy day service. Apparently (which I didn’t know), Tokyo Disney Land also has a special parade in Rainy Day. 

Are you a big fun of watching movies?

Did you find it expensive to watch movies (films) in the cinema? They offer the deal for particular days such as Movies Day (1st of every month), Ladies’ day (usually Wednesday), Late show discount (usually if the film starts after 20 pm). Some cinema offers ‘pair discount ticket’ (if you go as a couple, you can get a discount) or discount for pregnant ladies. So it is recommendable to check the offers from the nearest cinema venue!