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5 Amazing But Cheap products at Daiso 100 Yen Shop

By Guidable Writers Sep 3, 2018

Have you ever been to the 100 yen shop Daiso? It is well-known by Japanese and expats alike that there are various products on sale for a low price.

Today we would like to introduce 5 recommended goods among all Daiso products!


  1. Bluetooth Remote Shutter

What if you could take an impressive landscape selfie? It’s challenging to find an interesting pose and capture the background if you are limited to the length of your arm.

Well, the Bluetooth remote shutter makes it possible!

It is sold for 300 yen at the 100 yen shop Daiso and is very cheap compared to other products available because it usually it costs about 1,000 yen in electronic shops. It works for both iOS and Android and is very easy to use.

First of all, you turn it on and search for ‘AB shutter’ from your smartphone’s Bluetooth. After that, you need to allow pairing with AB shutter, and that’s it! To start taking pictures, open your camera application and just point and click!

The most amazing point is you can use it from a 10m distance! You can also take pictures in burst mode if you hold down the button. A great tip is to use a tripod to keep your camera steady, and you’re good to go! It’s compatible with skin touch-up camera applications, so it is possible to take a modified photo from a distance as well.


  1. Easy Sealer

What do you do when you open a bag of chips or candy, you can’t finish it all in one go but want to keep those crunchy snacks fresh?

Maybe most people would make use of a rubber band or clip to keep it closed, but why bother with that if you can use the “Easysealer” sold for 100 yen at Daiso 100 yen shop.

  • First of all, you will need to prepare 2 AA size batteries.
  • After setting the batteries, turn on the sealer and wait for 3 seconds.
  • Sandwich a bag inside and slide it along the open edge to create a seal. The bag will be sealed through the heat produced by the sealer.

It’s important to note that it can become extremely hot if you keep using it for more than 5 minutes. So it’s best to alternate between turning it on and off.

With the Easysealer you don’t need to worry about mushy snacks anymore!


  1. Boiled Egg Hole Puncher

Do you eat boiled eggs for breakfast everyday? Do you always struggle peeling the shell, keeping the egg inside beautifully intact?

If you use this boiled egg hole puncher, all your egg peeling troubles will be over. Did you know a raw egg is much more difficult to deshell?

  • This is how the hole puncher works.
  • First of all, you need to pierce a hole in the egg before boiling. The critical point is piercing a hole in the raw egg, not the boiled egg.
  • You can punch a hole by turning the lever switch on and placing an egg on the stand.
  • Next, gently push down, and until you hear a piercing sound.
  • After that, boil the egg as usual.
  • After boiling, please cool the egg in cold water. And you can easily peel the shell without incident!


  1. Microwave Oven Pasta Cooker

Do you find boiling pasta a little annoying?

You have to bend the spaghetti the fit into the pan, then sometimes it sticks together or to the pan and you if you don’t act quickly it will all clump together. Sometimes water can overflow from the boiling pot and spill all over the countertop.

Maybe you would rather use this microwave oven pasta cooker sold for 100 yen at the Daiso 100 yen shop.

It’s so easy to use!

  • First, put spaghetti inside and add water up to the line.
  • Next, sprinkle some salt for taste and warm it in a microwave oven WITHOUT the lid. Different types of pasta require certain cooking times so check the package. Add 4 minutes for 600w and 5 minutes if you use 500w to the time written on it.
  • You can prepare your sauce while you are waiting for it to cook.
  • After it’s cooked drain using the lid.

That’s much easier than boiling it in hot water!

Another great thing about pasta cooker is there is a pasta measurer so you can figure out how much pasta you want to serve.


  1. Battery Changer

If you have this battery charger, you can use C and D size batteries just by preparing AA size batteries.

It is easy to use – Just set an AA size battery in the battery changer.

You do not need to buy all kind of batteries, only AA size one.
Usually, it is rare to use C and D size battery, but it is convenient if you keep this battery changer just in case you need them.

Let’s enjoy useful products at amazingly low price from Daiso 100 yen shop!


Aika Kaise / Japan