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5 Reasons Why Japan is Safe to Live in and Why I love it

By Guidable Writers Jun 23, 2017

5 Reasons Why Japan is Safe to Live in and Why I love it

Did you know that Japan is one of the safest country to live in? The crime rate in this country is so low compared to others. And although it can be attributed to the declining population, there is no doubt that the japanese society tops in terms of politeness, camaraderie and strict following of the rules.


The japanese people are brought up in such a way that it is instilled in their hearts and minds to be disciplined in all aspect. To care about nature, the surrounding and especially give a total regard for other’s well-being.

5 Reasons Why Japan is Safe to Live in and Why I love it

If you are planning to live in Japan, whether for business or personal reasons, I’m pretty sure you have already developed a great liking about the nature and culture of the Japanese people. Indeed, Japan is known to be a country that can both amaze and surprise any outsider. Maybe the only barrier hindering you from exploring more of its wonder is the fact that unfortunately, most people cannot properly converse in English. Thus making it difficult for most foreigners to socialize and interact with them on a regular basis. However, this is slowly changing as more and more locals are trying to learn and study the english language to benefit not only themselves but to learn and interact with others to be globally competitive.



With that let me give you five reasons why Japan is a unique and wonderful place to experience.


  1. Everything is in proper order

If you have already visited Japan, you might notice that people are very particular when it comes to arrangement. In the train stations, no matter how busy or crowded it could be, people are still in line and waiting for their turns. It is their second-nature to wait for their turn and fall in line whenever and wherever.


5 Reasons Why Japan is Safe to Live in and Why I love it

  1. There are designated police stations in every corner

Especially in crowded cities and places of Tokyo, a designated police box or what they call “Koban” is placed strategically in every corner. So if ever you get lost or having any difficulties of getting around as a foreigner, then you can just approach this little police stations. They can also be easily spotted and guaranteed the police officers will help you no matter what.


  1. The locals are sensitive to noise and indecent behaviors

Usual traditional japanese neighborhoods are very peaceful and quiet. You can barely hear any noise that may disturb other houses and people. Indecent behaviors and noise especially during ungodly hours of the night is deemed unacceptable. So people are disciplined and are enforced to behave accordingly.


5 Reasons Why Japan is Safe to Live in and Why I love it


  1. Kids are trained at a very early stage

I have quite noticed that kindergarten kids are very polite and well-mannered. This is because the japanese school system is training children at a very early stage of their life. At school, they are trained to cook their own food, clean their own classrooms and belongings in order to promote discipline at a young stage. And they don’t take regular exams not until they’re 10. They are focused on how to behave appropriately and how to interact with others in a respective manner. In this way, they will understand the importance of everything and that they play a great role in building up a well-established society.


  1. They respect each other

If you have met a japanese person, it is customary for them to bow to the other person. And the lower the bow, the greater the respect they render. They are very slow in speaking up harsh comments and are hesitant when it comes to actual confrontations. The rule is, if it can be avoided in any way possible- then by all means, they resist arguments and conflicts.


I am sure there is more to love and learn from the japanese culture. While there is definitely an advantage as well as disadvantage in any environment but we can all learn a thing or two from their ways of living. Do have anything else to add or comment about? Please let us know!