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End of Summer Fun: 7 Things to do in Tokyo in September

By Caitlin Collins Sep 8, 2018

As summer winds down and the weather begins to cool off, you may be desperately looking for that last bit of summer fun before Autumn closes in.  But just because you’re back at work doesn’t mean the summer fun has to stop!

Don’t let the end-of-summer blues get you down—Celebrate the changing of the seasons with some of Tokyo’s can’t-miss end of summer events.


  1. Tokyo Game Show

Hosted annually over four days in September, Tokyo Game Show is Japan’s biggest video game convention!  Thursday and Friday are available only to industry insiders, but Saturday-Sunday are open to the public. The convention is held in the massive Makuhari Messe hall in Chiba and hosts over 250,000 visitors each year.

Hundreds of exhibitors line the halls of this huge exhibition, showing off all the latest in greatest in video games.  You’ll be able to check out new and upcoming video game releases from all the major players, as well as small independent companies from all over the world.



Dates: Thursday September 20 – Sunday September 23.

Location:  Makuhari Messe Hall, Chiba.


2.  Taste of Tokyo

Come try all of the best food Tokyo has to offer!

Tokyo Aijiwai Fest, also known as Taste of Tokyo, is one of Tokyo’s biggest food festivals held annually in Odaiba.  Hosted by the Metropolitan Government, this festival promotes some best and trendiest foods in and around Tokyo.  Perfect for an evening out with friends; entrance to the festival is free and all of the available dishes are priced under 500 yen.


Dates:  Friday 21 Sept – Sunday 23 September

Location: Odaiba Symbol Promenade Park, Koto, Tokyo.


3. Yokohama Oktoberfest

Held every year at Aka-Renga Soko (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse) is one of Yokohama’s most popular festivals!

With a wide selection of beers and authentic German food, Yokohama Oktoberfest is a taste of Germany in the heart of Kanto.  Yokohama is the craft beer capital of Japan and nationally famous for its wide selections of beer, and this festival is the perfect place to try all the different varieties.  Come try over 140 different beer selections, along with food and live music.

Dates: 28 September – 14 October

Location:  Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Minato-Mirai, Yokohama.


4. Ultra Japan 2018

Tokyo’s can’t miss EDM festival is back!  The global festival phenomena which is hosted in over twenty countries globally is making its Japan appearance this September.  Held in Tokyo Odaiba Ultra park, this festival is a can’t miss for any EDM fan.  Featuring acts from all over the world, Ultra Japan is  a must-go for any EDM fan.

Dates: 15 September – 17 September

Location: Odaiba Ultra Park, Tokyo.


5. Kichijoji Aki Matsuri

Held every year in early September, this festival draws a crowd from all over Tokyo to the fashionable neighborhood of Kichioji.  ‘Aki Matsuri’ means ‘Autumn Festival’ in Japanese, and Kichijoji Aki Matsuri is the way to welcome in the Autumn.

Expect to see parades of portable shrines, known as mikoshi, carried throughout boisterous crowds in the main procession. Though the parades are in the morning, expect a full weekend of festivities with street food stalls, games, and live music.

Dates: 8 September – 9 September

Location:  Kichioji, Tokyo.


6. The Chestnut Festival

The Okunitama Jinja Shrine Festival, also known as the Chestnut Festival, has been around since 1738! Come celebrate the end of summer and buy some of Japan’s famous roast chestnuts from food vendors, listen to live music, and enjoy dance performances.  The perfect way to bid farewell to the summer festival season!

Dates: 27 September – 28 September

Location: Okunitama Jinja Shrine, Tokyo.


7. Tokyo Wagyu Show

Celebrate all things Japanese beef!  Tokyo Wagyu Show is your one stop to sample all your favorite Japanese wagyu beef dishes and to try something new as well.

Wagyu is world famous for its delicious flavor and richness, and Tokyo Wagyu Show is the best spot in town to try the best of the best.  Twice a year, dozens of stalls featuring wagyu beef from all over Japan fill Hibiya park for this five-day festival!  Tokyo Wagyu Show is a great spot for an end of summer date–  Dishes range from favorites like hamburgers and sukiyaki to classically delicious steak.

Dates:  13 September – 1 7 September

Location:  Hibiya Park, Tokyo.