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Go to Travel for Tokyo, Disneyland & More【Today’s Top 5 Japanese Trends!】

By Guidable Writers Sep 18, 2020

Today’s Top Japanese Trends!

Would you like to know today’s top Japanese trends seen on Twitter and other sites? If so read on to find out more about what interests people in Japan.

PS5 Sold Out on Amazon Instantly. Reselling Prices Rocket Skyhigh Exceeding 300,000 yen.

On September 18, Sony Interactive Entertainment began taking pre-orders for its next-generation console, PlayStation 5. It is now available for pre-order at various stores, including Amazon.co.jp. However, it sold out immediately, and resellers started selling the console for a high price.
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“Go To Travel” on Sale From Today for Travel to and From Tokyo

As part of the “Go To Travel” program to stimulate tourism demand, sales of travel products to and from Tokyo, which will be added to the “Go To Travel” program next month, will begin at noon on the 18th.
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Tokyo Disneyland’s Large Scale Development Area Set to Open on Monday, September 28!

Tokyo Disneyland’s development project will open on Monday, September 28. The project took about three years to complete and includes new facilities on a 47,000-square-meter development site that spans Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Toontown. A new area based on the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” will be opened in Fantasyland, with the major attraction being “Beauty and the Beast: The Magic Tale”.
For the time being, number limitations will be in operation.
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Scam Phone Calls Posing as Police Officers Have Been Reported by the Metropolitan Police Department

The Metropolitan Police Department announced on September 17 that they have received a case of a call from a person posing as a policeman saying “You are a victim of unauthorized withdrawal from your ‘docomo account'”. They are warning people to be careful as the criminals may be able to cheat them out of their cash card information.
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Japan’s Tallest Building Planned in Front of Tokyo Station in 2027.

A ten-year project to build Japan’s tallest building has been release by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. Four buildings will be developed in an area as big as four soccer pitches. The tallest being “Torch Tower” at 390 meters.
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