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Important points you need to know when you apply for Engineer/Humanities Visa

By Guidable Writers Jan 12, 2018

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As Japan is becoming more and more globalized and diversified, a lot of managers are trying to thinking of employing foreigners, and the number of foreign workers are increasing recently. However, it is not an easy thing for foreigners to work in Japan, as you need to have a good understanding towards the status of residence and working visa in Japan, as taking the appropriate visa is essential. This passage will introduce you how to register for your visa.


  • ‘Visa’ and ‘status of residence’

To begin with, you need to have a clear understanding on ‘Visa’ and ‘Status of residence’ (Zairyu Shikaku). Normally ‘Visa’ and ‘Status of residence’ refer to different things, but in Japan, what so called ‘Visa’ actually means ‘Status of residence’. You need your ‘Visa’ when you enter Japan, and you would not need your ‘Visa’ anymore after you enter Japan. On the other hand, ‘Status of residence’ is the qualification needed for you to stay at Japan. If you want to make a long stay at Japan, you would need to have a ‘Status of residence’ in order to show that you are allowed to live in Japan. There are 28 different type of ‘Status or residence’, and your activity in Japan might be limited depending on the type of ‘Status of residence’ you get. Therefore, there is a clear difference between ‘Visa’ and ‘Status of residence’, and today, we are going to call the ‘Status of residence’ as ‘Visa’ for convenience’ sake.


Among the 28 different types of visa, the most common visa for you to work in Japan is ‘Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Visa’. As this visa can be applied to many type of industry, we are going to explain the important things that you have to know when you register for ‘engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/ International Services’ visa. (hereafter referred to as ‘Enginner/Humanities visa)

  • How to choose your job/Industry

Despite the Foreigner acceptance policy in Japan can be applied to wide range of different jobs, the Japanese government aims to accept foreigners who have specialized or technical skills, and not ordinary labor workers. Labor worker such as, cleaning staff, waiters and waitress, store clerk etc. are not qualified to apply for Engineer/Humanities Visa. You will not be able to get an Engineer/Humanities Visa if your work is considered as simple labor work.


It is very important for you to choose your job and industry that you work. To be more precise, you have to understand what kind of work you are going to do when you enter your work place otherwise you might face the situation that your Visa getting rejected even though you have found your work. You need to be extremely careful on your Visa because sometimes the company employs you does not have a good understanding on Visa.


  • About the Educational level


Based on the Foreigner acceptance policy in Japan, the government put strong emphasis on applicants’ educational level. In order to get a Engineer/Humanities Visa, the applicant has to be graduated from University, Junior college or vocational school inside or outside Japan. Therefore, even if you are graduated from high school in your country and enters a language school in Japan, you will not get a Engineer/Humanities Visa. When you apply for Engineer/Humanities Visa, you will need numerous certificates such as certificate of graduation, grade book and resume to prove your educational level.


Also, what you have studied is also concerned, as your study has to be reflected on your work, and also as mentioned before, your job has to be something that is not simple labor. For example even if you have studied in a cookery school, you cannot get an Engineer/Humanities Visa to work as a cook. You will need to apply for a different visa, which requires you minimum of 10 years of job experience.

  • How to choose your company


The immigration office will also access the trustworthiness of the company that employs foreigners. You have to bear in mind that the Japanese government also accesses your company. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a company that will help you to present all the documents and certificates for you to apply for your visa. The immigration office requires the company to present tons of documents, as they will need to access if the company is stable and sustainable enough. Now in order to make the application process efficient and simple, the immigration office will classify the companies into 4 categories. The number of documents they requires are also different depending on the category of the company, and the application process is much quicker if your company is trustworthy. The 4 categories are the following:


  • Category1・・・listed company
  • Category2・・・When the total amount of taxes withheld from the employers is above 1,500,000yen
  • Category3・・・When the total amount of taxes withheld from the employers is below 1,500,000yen
  • Category4 ・・・Start up company which are not able to preset statutory report


Companies in category1 are considered to be reliable, and the numbers of documents required for category 1,2 are fewer than category 3,4.


Therefore, it will be important for you to choose a company that is large and stable.


As mentioned above, in order to get a Humanity/International Visa smoothly, your educational level and skills will be very important. You have to choose a job that can make the most of your skills, and enters a large and reliable company. In order to get accepted from the immigration office, you have to attach all the files that are posted on the government website, but most of the time, only presenting the basic documents is not enough.

There are many extra documents that can make you easier to get accepted. You will need tons of extra documents to strengthen your basic documents. This is the most difficult thing in getting visa in Japan.


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