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Louvre Tokyo exhibition

Louvre Tokyo- An Exhibition of Love in Tokyo till June 12, 2023

By Sonam Midha Apr 27, 2023

Do you also want to enjoy the great artwork from the landmark museum of France, which created history by representing great human civilization and culture, but without the discomfort of leaving Japan, then Louvre Tokyo is what you need.

What Does Louvre Tokyo Have to Offer

From the paintings of Jean-Antoine Watteau to Gerard, the Louvre exhibition in the National Art Centre, Tokyo offers a collection of 70 incredible paintings all the way from the city of Love. The exhibition is a wonderful depiction of Western Art, showing the Godly emotions of characters from Greek and Roman mythology to the life of common people in general. It gives you a wonderful escape from the stressful life and takes you into the amazing world of emotions represented through paintings.

5 of the main paintings shown in the Louvre Tokyo are described below along with the amazing story behind them.

Cupid and Psyche

This is the poster painting and certainly the most talked about one in Louvre Tokyo. In this painting, French painter François Gérard tried to show the surprised face of princess Psyche after being kissed by Cupid whom she could only feel but can’t see. The innocence of her face depicts the purity of the feeling. The story of Psyche receiving Cupid’s first kiss is originally from the latin novel Metamorphoses, written in the 2nd century whose central idea is about overcoming the problems couples face in love and ultimately getting married in spite of all the challenges. 

The Marriage of Psyche and Cupid

Louvre Tokyo

Credit: Arthive

The exhibition allows you the opportunity to witness the marriage of these love birds through the painting by François Boucher. This myth screaming “Love conquers all” helped in shaping the modern day romantic literature as it is one of the few ancient legends that has a happy ending. Though, there are many other different interpretations of the story too, like some believe that it’s a tale of misfortunes and obstacles that come in life when children disobey their parents. Whatever be the reason, the story was able to get the attention of people for centuries. 

Rinaldo and Armida

Louvre Museum- Rinaldo and Armida

Credit:Wikimedia Commons

This painting by Dominico Zamipieri tells the love story of the Christian knight Rinaldo and the Muslim sorceress Armida. Armida was sent to distract Rinaldo from his mission but instead fell in love with him. She keeps him in the Garden of Pleasure after kidnapping him, where we can see many cupids enjoying and giggling. But in the end, Rinaldo gets successful in breaking the spell with the help of a fellow knight and completes the mission. The story has many versions entangling love with duty. Some even say that Rinaldo leaves Armida heartbroken while some say she converted to Christianity to get the love of her life.

Apollo and Cyparissus

Apollo Louvre Tokyo

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This painting by Claude has a tragic story behind it which has been told and retold for centuries. According to the myth, the young hunter Cyparissus accidentally kills a beloved Stag and asks Apollo to allow him to die as well in grief. Apollo grants the request and converts him into Cypress tree, a symbol of mourning. Apollo is seen comforting Cyparissus and the shades of the painting depicts the sadness of the situation. 

The Slippers

This incredibly real-looking painting is a work of Dutch painter Samuel Van Hoogstraten depicting a pair of elegant slippers outside the open door. The Slippers have a rich look with delicate fabric and detailed embroidery. The colors are muted and subtle delicate lightening. With slippers representing the display of luxury in the upper class, the painting is famous for studying material culture in the Dutch Golden Age.

When, Where, and How to Enjoy the Louvre Tokyo Exhibition?

These are just a few examples of the magnificent paintings in the exhibition. The cost of admission to the event is 2100 yen for adults, 1400 yen for college students, and 1000 yen for students in high school.


Mar 1 (Wed) 2023-June 12 (Mon) 2023

Opening hours: 10:00- 18:00

Closes at 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays


The National Art Center, Tokyo

7-22-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8558




How to Get There

4-minute walk from Roppongi Station exit 7 on the Hibiya or Toei Oedo line, and a direct walk from exit 6 at Nogizaka Station on the Chiyoda line.

Visit Louvre Tokyo Today!

This exhibition of Louvre Tokyo is a great escape from the crowded life of Tokyo. It is highly recommended if you love mythology and have a quest to interpret arts. It is generally crowded so please book in advance and if you need a audio guide to understand the details, then feel free to buy one on the spot offered in several languages. If you want to support us please drop a comment below as a gesture of appreciation and tell us about your experience of visiting Louvre.

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