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Pokémon X Bump of Chicken MV【Today’s Top 5 Japanese Trends!】

By Guidable Writers Sep 30, 2020

Today’s Top Japanese Trends!

Would you like to know today’s top Japanese trends seen on Twitter and other sites? If so read on to find out more about what interests people in Japan.

Do you know today is “Walnut” day in Japan?

Pokémon X Bump of Chicken Music Video “Gotcha!” Released

Pokémon and BUMP OF CHICKEN’s special music video ‘GOTCHA!’ was released on the official ‘Pokémon’ YouTube channel yesterday. The animation was produced by BONES.

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September 30 is “Walnut Day”

September 30 is known as “Walnut Day”. Walnuts are full of nutrients including unsaturated fatty acids which prevent bad cholesterol and are thought to prevent the aging of blood vessels.

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Pre-War “Cemedine B” Returns Home to Headquarters

Cemendine B, a rare, enigmatic glue available during the war was found and sent to the Cemedine Co. Ltd, an internet miracle.

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Holding It in to Watch Hanazawa Naoki? Fukuoka City Waterworks Bureau’s Analysis

For the last two months, unusual water patterns show an increase of usage that coincides with the ending of Sunday night TV drama “Hanzawa Naoki,” which finished on 27th September. Does this show

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Smartphone Game “Project Sekai Colorful Stage!” Released Today!

A part of the theme song “Sekai” has been released on the official YouTube channel of “Project Sekai”.

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Did You Enjoy Today’s Top Japanese Trends?

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