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Quiz Nights in Japan: Get Involved!

By Yae Jul 12, 2019



It’s time for quiz night!

Do you all love answering quiz questions?? For those who are living in Japan, some of you may be wondering if there is any place that people can enjoy a quiz night.

Don’t worry, Japan has places for foreigners to participate in Quiz Nights, WITH ENGLISH SPEAKING. Answering a quiz in Japanese may be a little difficult for those who are struggling to study Japanese and are not fluent enough yet to understand everything. If you prefer to attend a quiz night that is all English speaking, hopefully, this article may help you out to make your wish come true.

Let’s see more about quiz nights in Japan in this article! Test your knowledge by attending a quiz night!


Where can you find a Good Quiz Night to go to in Japan?



If you’re living in Tokyo, or close to the Tokyo area, here is one good place to get involved in a quiz night that is held regularly in Japan with easy access. Details are as follows:


The 3rd Wednesday of each month




Hobgoblin Roppongi branch (British-style pub)

Aoba Roppongi building 1F, 3-16-33, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032


*Advance registration: 1,000 yen/person to play

*At the door: 1,500 yen/person to play

※ Please note that all the customers need to bear the full expenses for “food&drinks” to attend this quiz night. 1,000 yen or 1,500 yen is the cost only for playing the quiz game.

Rules for the quiz night:

*People get in teams (4 people for 1 team). Even if you come by yourself as a non-member, don’t worry. You can put yourself forward to join others to make up a team.

*The winning team can win a special prize. There is also a lottery that people can have the chance to win another prize.

Quiz question types:

Wide range of questions from history, sports, movies, music, etc. Great chance to try out your skills!

Reservation form:

If you’re interested in attending this quiz night at Hobgoblin Roppongi branch, you can apply through the link below.. Basically, 4 people for 1 team is preferred but if you want to attend on your own, you can. If you already have your friends or colleagues who love answering questions, ask them to join together!


Link to sign up for the quiz: alshaan@hope.or.jp


Language for this quiz night:


If you are someone who can speak English fluently, it’s going to be totally fine. Japanese people who also want to speak English should also feel free to join this event as you will be able to look forward to communicating with foreigners and expand your friend community.

Usage of attending charge:

The attending charge for this quiz night will be used 100% for Cambodia and Ethiopia self-reliance support.

Do you have any plans for the next 3rd Wednesday? How about you join this event after your work? If you feel Shibuya would be more convenient for you, you can also join this quiz night at their Shibuya branch. The rules to attend this quiz night is the same as the Roppongi branch.


Hobgoblin Shibuya branch (British-style pub)

3F, Ichiban Building, 1-3-11 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, 150-0043


Getting more and more excited about this quiz night event? Please take a look at the Hobgoblin website online. The information is all in English.


What is the appeal of a quiz night?



Mainly a quiz night is held for a certain purpose, which is excluding the sales profit. The appeal of a quiz night is mainly for charity:


* Donation to support poor children to help with the ‘freedom from hunger’ campaign around the world.

* Donation to support environmental initiatives.

* Donation to support the social welfare system.


Most of the quiz night events are held in places like restaurants, bars, facilities, etc. for special charities, and they basically appeal for certain reasons and purposes on their online websites. If you can’t find the details for their actual appeal, it’s good to ask them what they are raising money for.

For example, the Hobgoblin Roppongi branch or the Hobgoblin Shibuya branch are holding the event of the quiz night for conducting a fundraising activity. If you feel the same and agree to support their appeal, let’s get involved more!


3. How Many People can be in a Team?



How many people for 1 team is adequate for a quiz night? It depends on the bars or restaurants or organizers for the quiz, but normally 4 or 6 people are set for 1 team. In order to set up the team numbers, here are some important points to follow:


1. The number of team members can’t be too big or too small.

This is considered so each person can have the chance to answer questions during the limited time. Everyone needs to have their chance equally to keep fairness. If there are only 2 people for 1 team, this would be too much of a rush for both people to answer the quiz questions. On the other hand, if there are too many people for 1 team, like 10 people or more, there are too many people shouting out an answer or wanting to write down what they think. Looking and listening to other people’s answers is interesting and makes it fun, finding out what kind of questions are popping out but you don’t want it to turn into a yelling match and trying to calm everyone down. This would be meaningless to pay the charge for the quiz night if you have too many people or not enough. According to these situations, 4 or 6 people for 1 team is an adequate number to make everyone happy.


2. Each team must have the same number of people.

This may be an obvious point, but if everyone had different sized teams there would be talking about unfairness. When everyone has the same amount of team members it makes it easier for the staff and the players.


3. Keep having the same members for your team every game is forbidden.

This announcement goes to the people who normally get together in the same team every time they attend the quiz night. It’s a good thing to donate to the quiz night so often, but the same members who get together all the time may get more of a chance to win the game too much and other customers may not feel not interested and get bored about the same team winning all the time. This could also have the risk to lead other customers into not coming to attend the quiz night any more thinking that they wouldn’t win the game anyway. In this case, the organizers might find some people who attend the quiz show with the same team every time, to split up into different teams. Getting too cozy, being with the same team would be not fair to everyone.


What Kinds of Questions are Asked?



For those who are curious to attend this quiz night but are wondering what kind of questions are normally asked, concerned that you may not be able to answer the questions at all and get embarrassed, here are some tips for general topics of questions at the quiz night:


* General knowledge

* History

* Music

* Sports

* Art

* Movies

* Geography

* Celebrities

* Latest breaking news


As you can see, there is a wide range of topics so you know what you need now to be prepared for questions. It could be wise to raise your cultural awareness by reading newspapers, books, listening to music or become curious about everything in the world and have an aggressive ambition to learn more and more in your daily life.

Being scared to answer a question is the same for everybody. However, if you can answer the particular challenging questions once, you can make yourself confident and start thinking that you want to challenge yourself to answer more.

The very popular quote from William Smith Clark saying “Boys, be ambitious!” goes the same for challenging yourself for the quiz night. *and girls of course*


Places Where You can find Quiz Nights



Quiz nights are quite popular in other countries, but we also have some quiz nights here in Japan. The first step in finding the place you can attend a quiz night in Japan is your best friend google. There are a few quiz nights in English but there are more for Japanese speaking people. Normally quiz nights are held irregularly in Japan so it’s safe to search via the internet first to find the quiz night information.

Excluding the Hobgoblin Roppongi or Shibuya branch (British-style pub), here are previous quiz night examples held in Japan:


*Quiz night in Osaka


Blarney Stone Shinsaibashi bar

Koda buildingB1, 2-5-27, Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka Prefecture, 542-0083


December 14th, 2017

Started from 20:00pm-22:00pm


600 yen/student person to play

800 yen/all other adults to play

Need to buy 1 drink at the bar first for everybody.


Free shots for winning team

Quiz night style, topics of questions:

1. Listen to the song and guess the name of the song.

2. Celebrity Quiz: Puzzle pieces are taken away slowly to reveal a famous face and you need to guess the name of who that celebrity is. The quicker you get it, the more points you get.

3. General Knowledge: History, Geography, Sports, etc.

4. Japan knowledge contest.?

Hopefully, you can imagine what kind of quiz night was held in Japan from the past show.


Go and Get involved in a Quiz Night in Japan!



If you like challenges in your life, quiz nights are an awesome opportunity to try to test your general knowledge. Even if you don’t know the answer to the question, don’t worry too much. Quiz nights are not only for winning the prize but also for having fun with friends (old and new), or work colleagues. Getting to know new people, building your new network in Japan or having fun hearing unexpected questions that you weirdly know the answer to. The drinks and food will also help you have a great night too!

If you’re living close to Tokyo, how about first attending the quiz night at the Hobgoblin in Roppongi or the Shibuya branch on the 3rd Wednesday after you have finished work? Stopping by the bar to get a drink to heal your stresses from work is also nice but sometimes destressing by attending a quiz night may help you to get more excited and feel refreshed in the end. It’s like a sense of accomplishment.

You can also have the following advantages by attending quiz night in Japan:


*Ability to think fast, to answer the question.

*Get to know how to work as a team.

*Have to become more patient without getting angry easily or giving up things.

*Have a longer concentration span whilst trying to achieve the goal to win the game.



Get involved more at a quiz night in Japan and expand your possibilities!

If you’re a shy person, it’s going to be a great chance to overcome your shyness by getting a team together for a quiz night!