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Travel Tips: What to do in Yakushima, A Natural Wonder

By Guidable Writers Aug 14, 2016

As we have seen about where and what is Yakushima island and its attractiveness:
Travel Tips: Where in Japan is Yakushima?”, Let’s see further information which drag you feel like to visit there.

We hike the mountains and see Yakusugi in Yakushima. One of the famous trekking route will take you to Jomon Sugi (縄文杉). Jomon Sugi is the oldest and largest among cedar trees on the island, and is estimated to be between 2,170
 and 7,200 years old. The estimation of the age is very wide and differs more than 5000 years. This is because the center of the tree is empty and enough data can’t be collected to properly measure the actual age of the tree. This is one of the many mysteries still left on this island.

Trekking to Jomon Sugi isn’t so easy, but it is not very difficult either. It’s 11km to trek one way, and most of the trail makes you feel like you are on long hike back in time. The rest of the trail is steep mountainous road which takes a lot of time. It’s easy to go there and go back in one day, but you have to get up very early in the morning! Even after walking a long trail, I’m sure you’ll think it’s worth visiting.

After walking and hiking the trail for about 4 to 5 hours, you can eventually see the huge Jomon Sugi. It is a very old tree, so it’s prohibited to get close or touch it now in order to prevent it from rotting or even falling over. There’s an observatory deck about 15 meters away from it, so you can see it from there. Although Jomon Sugi is very, very old, it still has beautiful and vivid leaves. When we think that this tree stays in one place for more than a thousand years, we can’t help but having a feeling of respect and awe. You can see how the atmosphere it gives is so magnificent and divine!

When you visit, you should be sure not to leave any trash on the trail. Yakushima has a unique nature and ecological system. Please don’t forget it took thousands and thousands years for an environment that beautiful to be formed, and it should be respected. Oh, and one more thing, since it rains in Yakushima, you shouldn’t forget an umbrella and a rain coat.

There’re a lot of things to do in Yakushima. Jomon Sugi trekking isn’t the only thing to do there. They have other beautiful trekking courses (from beginner to expert), that allow you to see waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and the clear blue sea (good to dive) and you can eat delicious local food! Don’t worry, there are a lot of travel companies and they’ll help you figure out what to do and how to prepare. To know more about Yakushima, I think the website below will help you a lot. Bon Voyage!

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