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Where to Find Beads and Parts in Tokyo for Jewelry Making: Discover Asakusabashi

By Margherita May 16, 2022

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Tokyo can be an overwhelmingly huge metropolis at times, but it offers almost anything you can wish for, even Asakusabashi, an entire district of wholesale shops for beads and parts for jewelry making.

The Asakusabashi area is the perfect spot for artsy and crafty people. In particular, the entire district is centered around beads, pearls, and other parts for making various types of jewelry. Most of the shops are located within blocks from the nearest train station–Asakusabashi station (浅草橋駅)– making it easier to roam around and compare different shops and products without having to move around the city.

Asakusabashi is located in the Taito district on the city’s east side, near the Sumida River. 

Visit Asakusabashi For All Your Jewelry Making Needs!

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It can be easily confused with the most famous tourist area of Asakusa, where Sensoji temple is located – but it is a different area and around 2 km distance from the iconic temple.

Here are our most recommended shops for buying beads and accessories in Asakusabashi.

Parts Club

Parts Club is one of the biggest beads and parts chain stores in the country. The main store is located right in Asakusabashi, but shops can be found around the country, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, with many in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The selection is well varied, from metal parts and chains to beads, charms, and even rings.

Their online shop is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate: all the products have very detailed descriptions with precise dimensions, so you can easily buy online and get the products delivered to your door without any hassle.


Miyuki is one of the all-time favorite shops not just among beads and craft lovers but also among designers and artists alike, and it is most famous for being the first Japanese seed bead maker in Japan.

This store deals with various types of beads, such as Swarovski beads, fire-polished beads (including Czech glass beads), acrylic and plastic beads, and natural stone beads. They are available in almost all the shapes and sizes you can think of,  such as round, cylindrical, hexagon, bugle, triangle, drop, etc.

A small section on their online website is also dedicated to the explanation of the beads’ manufacturing process for the most curious of customers.

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Miyuki Factory

Miyuki factory is one of the most stylish bead stores in Asakusabashi, thanks to its pretty interior design that features thousands of beads displayed in bottles. Ten thousand varieties of Miyuki beads, shells, pearls, and other parts, are well stocked. High-quality seed beads are also available here. However, prices are generally high (for Asakusabashi). 

Kiwa Honten

Kiwa is one of the largest accessory parts specialty stores in Japan, and its main store is located in Asakusabashi. The main store underwent a major renovation in 2013, with four new floors entirely dedicated to beads and parts. The bright store features standard products such as beads and chains from the original “KIWA” brand and Swarovski and other brands that the company has been dealing with for some time.

Visit the online shop, where you can find original “recipes” that list up all the necessary items to buy and explain how to make your own necklace, bracelet, or ring step-by-step. 

West 5

West 5 is said to be the place where you can find the cheapest Swarovski in Asakusabashi! The prices are competitive and aimed at wholesale even though all customers are welcome. Because of the low prices, the store is often crowded, and many items go out of stock quickly, so beware. There is a rental exhibition space on the 2nd floor where you can sell and display your works.

Queens Accessory 

Queens Accessory’s products focus mainly on natural stone beads and freshwater pearls. There are currently offer more than 1,000 kinds of beads, and you can find the same stones in many different shapes and sizes.

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Fancy Box (Yoshida Shoji)

Fancy Box is a hardware parts store located near Kuramae in the wholesale district of Asakusabashi. It is a very convenient place to buy metal fittings in bulk because of its wide variety and low prices. They have an online store, so you can check the details of the products before visiting.

Sakura Hokiri Honten

If you are overwhelmed by your choices and do not know where to start with jewelry making and embroidery, Sakura Hokiri Honten is a great shop to start with. 

It is a beginner-friendly major handicraft store. They carry bead kits on their basement floor, and since they are simple and easy to use, they are recommended for first-timers.

Get Crafting in Asakusabashi with Jewelry Making!

Beads enthusiasts, artists, handcraft lovers, and designers gather around the Asakusabashi area to find the best beads and parts stores in the whole country. Even if crafts are not your cup of tea, it is worth strolling around the area even just to admire the selection.

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