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Written Oracle – The Words from the God

By Guidable Writers Feb 3, 2017

Did You Visit the Shrine on New Year?

When you visit a shrine or a temple, you might see many visitors have a paper piece and read it. It is called “omikuji” (written oracle), and gives you a message now you need. The written oracle is available at bunch of shrines and temples. Because people get it to try them luck, they like to draw it especially on New Year. These are some tips to know more about written oracle.

(Photo by Yuko)


How to Read Written Oracle

The oracle tells you your fortune and detail about you concern. The fortune is indicated as 7 or more stages; daikichi (excellent), kichi (good), chukichi (pretty good), shokichi (a little luck), hankichi (semi-good luck), suekichi (uncertain luck), and kyo (bad). However, the stages and translation vary by shrines and temples. And the oracle also shows you detail; negaigoto (wish), machibito (expected visitor), usemono (missing things), tabidachi (travel), akinai (business), gakumon (study), soba (market), arasoi (disputes), ren-ai (romantic relationships), yautsuri (moving), osan (childbirth), yamai (illness), and endan (marriage proposal). You may check only you concern, or you may also check all. In any case, the oracle will give you some advice on the beginning of the new year.

(Photo by Yuko)


Have You Seen the Scenery at the Shrine/Temple?

Have you seen the scenery below when you visited a shrine and a temple? If you remember it, you might think you must tie your oracle up to the tree. On the other hand, you might want to take it home, too. Both are OK. Because the god gives you a message about your current situation or your worry through the oracle, you should take this home to read again and carry anytime. However, your fortune is not really good, you may tie it up to be a substitution. Therefore, you can also do it when your fortune is good to make your wishes come true. There is no rules about it and it is up to you.

(Photo by Yuko)


You Still Have a Chance of “The First Visit to the Shrine of the New Year”

Did you miss a chance to visit shrines and temples on New Year? No problems. The lunar (Chinese) New Year is upcoming and it has the same meaning if you visit there on that day. It is the first new moon in the year, and it is January 28 in 2017. Moreover, some shrines and temples have multi-lingual written oracle for non-Japanese visitors. Typical places are Senso-ji Temple, Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple, etc. When you are in Japan, why don’t you get some advice from Japanese god?