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Best Food Delivery Services in Japan for Every Budget

By Margherita Sep 16, 2021

You’re stuck at home working. it’s raining and you can’t even cope with the thought of what to put together for your next meal, let alone of washing dishes. Since the start of the pandemic food delivery services have been sprouting, partnering with restaurants all over Japan, from big fast-food chains to fine dining establishments. 

Recommended Food Deliveries in English and Japanese

We have got you covered introducing some of the best food delivery services in Japan for every budget, from low-end meals that won’t break the bank, to high-end options, perfect for a treat without leaving the house. 


Maishoku is an English-friendly service that delivers throughout the whole country. Maishoku’s strong point is that it doesn’t charge for delivery, but every restaurant has a minimum order requirement, which is usually still pretty affordable. Maishoku lets you browse through an extensive array of categories, including “vegetarian”, “healthy” and even provides some “catering” options for a small gathering.


Finland-born delivery service Wolt is relatively new to Japan, where it debuted in 2020. Aside from restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and konbinis also figure on the app. You can also have your daily goods and groceries delivered direclty to your house from some supermarkets. The delivery fee is distance-based and it starts at just ¥99 within 1.5 km delivery, so happy wolting!

On the website, you can also purchase a Wolt Gift Card (between 1,000 and 10,000 yen) to treat someone you love – and food is always a good choice!

Food Panda

best food delivery

Enter your delivery address and postal code and get started with Food Panda! Delivery fees depend on the restaurant and location. Payments can be made through a credit or debit card if you prefer a contactless delivery during these times, but you can also choose cash on delivery. Keep an eye on special offers and coupons, as you can get considerable discounts, especially on your first order.


Demaecan is a Japanese-only delivery website and app that lets you choose from more than 80,000 shops all over the country, being the delivery service offering the widest range of choices. Demae-kan partners with bigger chain restaurants, Japanese food, and Japanese-style pizza and burgers, so it is not the healthiest option out there but it’s perfect for a movie and junk food date or karaoke session with your Japanese friends.


Food-e, defined as Tokyo’s gourmet delivery, was born amidst the pandemic, trying to fill a market void and provide high standard delivery for high-end restaurants: Food-e priority is to deliver to maintain not only the quality and the taste but also the presentation intact from restaurant to your home.  Over 40 restaurants are currently available, which are all exclusively delivering with Food-e.

Butler Tokyo

Butler Tokyo is another service committing to impeccable delivery service from high-end restaurants, carefully selected and which currently focus on Japanese, French, and Italian cuisine. You can search by location, cuisine or you can try browsing your favorite shop. The downside is that the website is only available in Japanese and the service is still limited to the central wards of the capital, but Butler Toyko is working to expand the delivery areas, as it is explained on its website.

What Is Your Go-to Food Delivery Option for a Quick Meal?

Haven’t you figured out what to eat for dinner yet? Browse through the extensive choice of efficient and time-saving food delivery services in Japan and pick the best option for your budget – and your health!

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