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5 Amazing Japanese Products You Can’t Miss!

By Yae Dec 15, 2017

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What do you think of when you think about Japanese products that you can only find in Japan?
Many of you may first think of Japanese food, such as sushi, ramen, takoyaki, etc. but it may be difficult to imagine other products.

This article will show you some typical amazing Japanese products you can find only in Japan, and very convenient things to support your daily lives.

If you’re about to visit Japan for your vacation soon or already settled in Japan and looking for living supplies, better check this out! Never too late to find your needs.



1. Hot-water Bag/Bottle (Yutanpo)



Here in Japan, we have many types of Yutanpo, and they do excellent job while you’re sleeping in the cold winter season.
This is an easy-on-the-wallet piece of heating equipment since you don’t need any other electronic devices to plug it in to charge the battery.



(How to use it?)

1. Boil water
2. Pour boiled water into the Yutanpo and fasten the Yutanpo cap tightly.
3. Put Yutanpo into the cover bag, to prevent burning your.
4. Put in your bed before you will sleep (about 1 hour before)
5. By the time you go to bed, you will be able to sleep in a very warm bed without feeling cold.

Price Average: 900 yen -1,500 yen


(Where you can buy it?)

You can find Yutanpo everywhere, but popular places you can get it are Muji and LOFT.



2. A Table with an Electric Heater (Kotatsu)


Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese table which is covered with a warm blanket, and has a heater placed underneath. There is a plug to put the heater on.
The good thing about Kotatsu is that heating table is covered with warm blanket so warm air won’t escape from Kotatsu inside and keep your feet area warm all the time.


(How to use it?)

1. Put the round or square shaped Kotatsu table on the floor.
2. Cover with a warm blanket.
3. Place the Kotatsu top board on top.
4. Plug in and switch on. Adjust the temperature as desired.
5. place legs inside the Kotatsu and keep yourself warm.


Price Average: 3,000 yen -20,000 yen


(Where you can buy it?)

You can find Kotatsu everywhere, but the usual places you can get it are Muji, Nitori or department stores like Mitsukoshi.
Recently there are many Kotatsu shops selling online, but I recommend buying a Kotatsu after seeing it in person and check the quality by touching the Kotatsu.


3. Oil Absorbing Sheets (Aburatorigami)



Have you ever had acne such as pimples due to oily skin?
This problem comes from oil being on your face all day due to makeup.
However, there are amazing products called Aburatorigami, which means “oil blotting paper”, which absorbs excess oil from your skin.

If you have dry skin, you may not need this, but if you’re living in Japan during the humid hot summer, people are suffering from not only from the sweat but oily skin from the humidity. If you’re a woman, you don’t want your makeup running right?
In this case, Aburatorigami is a quick life saver that you don’t need to make a trip to fix your makeup, but use it quickly while no one is around or on the go.


(How to use it?)

1. Take one sheet out of Aburatorigami sheet box.
2. Put on your face, around your nose, chin, cheeks and the oily parts of your face.
3. If you look in the mirror, you willl see the difference from oily skin, to silky smooth skin immediately.
4. Throw away the used Aburatorigami sheet in the trash.

Price Average: 100 yen-200 yen


(Where to buy it?)

You can find Aburatorigami everywhere, such as any drug store in neighbourhood.
It’s a reasonable price, so you can use it regularly in your daily lives.



4.Casual Summer Kimono (Yukata/Jinbe)


This is very popular Japanese traditional outfit, that is made from a casual and single-layered cotton kimono. Yukata is it’s name when made for women, and Jinbe is for men.
People normally wear them during summer time, especially at fireworks events, visiting shrines or local summer festivals.


(How to use it?)

Here are how to wear Yukata/Jinbe with a rough explanation.
If you’re interested in buying one, please take a look at how to wear them on YouTube.

1. Wear Yukata slip first.
2. Wear Yukata loosely over the shoulder.
3. Hold both collar ends in front of you. Adjust the bottom of the skirt to just above your ankles.
4. Lap both collar ends, with left side collar over the right side collar.
5. Tie your Yukata by using rope for Yukatas, and tighten around your stomach.
6. Wrap Tatejime belt around your stomach.

Price Average: 3,000 yen-30,000 yen.


(Where you can buy it?)

You can find Yukata/Jinbe at department stores such as Marui, Mitsukoshi, PARCO, SEIBU, etc.
They are wide range of prices, but decent quality materials are quite expensive.



5. Bamboo Foot Mat (Takefumi)


Takefumi is simple massage tool for your feet. There are pressure points on the soles of your feet, and Takefumi massages these pressure points.
Lots of Japanese people have this at home and use it whenever their feet feel tired.


(How to use it?)

1. Put Takefumi on the floor.
2. Step on Takefumi and find pressure points to massage.

Price Average: 1,000 yen


(Where you can buy it?)

You can find Takefumi at 100 yen shops, home center, LOFT.
If you don’t mind about the materials, you can buy cheap Takefumi which is not made by real bamboo, but plastic. However, both work well.

Did you find any interesting products?
If you’re interested in any, search them online and make a plan for shopping in Japan to look for these products.
These 5 amazing products are very popular for Japanese people and convenient!

Try and enjoy Japanese unique products!


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