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5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Checking Out!

5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Checking Out!

By Guidable Writers Jul 13, 2017

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Japanese fashion is quite popular among the world. And a large number of girls are amazed by the clothing style of Japanese women. You want to shop Japanese stylish brands, however, you don’t know which shop is suitable for you? Worry not!  Here I will introduce 5 popular female fashion brands which are favored by Japanese girls.

5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Checking Out!

Japanese design is noted for its natural beauty and comfortable wearing experience. The designers always pay attention to the material of the clothes, the loose model, simple colors as well as the decent clipping. The high quality of the material makes the clothes more comfortable to wear. The loose model enables people to move easily. And the use of simple colors makes Japanese clothes more understatedly elegant. The decent clipping enables the wearers to show their personalities.

Based on the essential features of Japanese clothing design, Japanese female clothing style looks fresh and full of minimalistic beauty. Compared to men’s wear, the women’s wear is trying to highlight the sweetness of the female. Therefore, sweet style is another feature of Japanese fashion.

Natural Beauty Basic

Natural Beauty Basic is a popular casual brand in Japan. The targeted consumer is in their twenties up to their forties. And the price range from 4,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY. Just as its brand name, Natural Beauty Basic, is comfortable, simple and decent. It mainly caters to office ladies, focusing on the clothes which are both suitable for formal and casual occasions. The brand provides a large variety of simple items, which allow the customers to coordinated the clothes according to their personalities.

5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Checking Out!

In order to highlight the beauty of women, the elements of V-neck, small broken floral, pleated design, small ribbons are often used. The general image of this brand is decent but fashionable. The simple design and shapes make it neat and minimal. Also, the brand has jumped on the trending bandwagon. The latest design elements can often be seen in its clothing line which enables the clothes to be more fashionable and charming.

In addition, there are many collaborative items. For example, currently, the brand will work with the fashion magazine VERY, and will launch its products on VERY July issue. This series of collaboration caters to the constant taste of VERY magazine. 3 types of tops will be launched recently, and all of them is full of the elegance and maturity.

Cecil McBee

Founded and named in 1984, Cecil McBee is one of the most visited brands in Shibuya 109. The target consumer is young females in their 20s. The price range is from 5,000 JPY to 10,000JPY. And it is known as the invited brand of Tokyo Girls Collection, which aims at highlighting the newest and most fashionable street wear produced by Japanese brands. The brand concept is “be sexy, be myself”. Whenever and wherever you are, you can enjoy being beautiful.

The brand is trying their best to promote the new idea of sexy which is not only admired by men but also favored by women. Therefore, you can see a large number of designs focusing on this style. In order to show the sensuality of women, elements such as lace, embroidery, floral pattern, pleated design are often used. Also, chiffon is one of the common fabrics used by the brand. Since chiffon is featured by its lightweight and slippery texture, it is often used in dress designs to give an elegant and floating appearance. So, chiffon dress is commonly worn by women since it can create a fancy feeling. Thus, if you want to buy sultry lace dresses or one piece, Cecil McBee is definitely one of the best choices for you!

Earth Music & Ecology

In 1999, the brand earth music & ecology was launched. Today, the shop numbers are over 200. It is a brand who produces casual clothes for women on their teens until thirties. And the price is quite reasonable for the target consumers, with a range from 2,000 JPY to 7000 JPY. The concept of the brand is natural girly.

The brand is famous for advertisements starring  Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki. Since 2010, Aoi Miyazaki has been the brand ambassador as their brand model. Also, the brand is noted for animated crossover collaborations. For example, in 2015, Earth Music & Ecology once collaborated with the girls of Lovelive! In this campaign, the brand has launched several items which were worn by animated characters. Also, the brand has a pretty good relationship with fashion magazines. For instance, the brand will collaborate with the fashion magazine JJ this July.


Every one knows Uniqlo, however, do you know the brand GU? GU and Uniqlo belong to the same fashion company. UNIQLO mainly focuses on basic items while GU is paying attention to teenage girls. Comparing to Uniqlo, GU is more fashionable in order to meet the demands of young people.

5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Checking Out!

GU was founded in 2006. The brand name GU, came from the Japanese word 自由(jiyuu), which means freedom. The concept of the brand is feeling free to enjoy the fashion. And the main feature of the brand is its affordability, ranging from 1000 JPY to 5000 JPY. Today, the number of shops is over 300. In addition, more shops have already been opened in Shanghai, Taiwan as well as Hong Kong.


MOUSSY, first launched in Japan in 2000, is a popular Japanese Denim brand. Since then, the brand has opened hundreds of stores all around the world. It has stores in China as well as the USA. The brand provides basic American casual style with affordable items. The price is reasonable. It ranges from 4,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY.

5 Japanese Fashion Brands Worth Checking Out!


On the brand’s official website, 4 keywords have been marked to show the brand’s slogan. They are denim, standard, vintage, and black. Starting with these 4 words, the brand highlights individual styles. Recently, the brand has collaborated with Adidas too. During the campaign, they have launched items which are suitable for sports while maintaining a fashion sense. Due to popularity it also showcased Tokyo Girls Collection.

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