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Discover Shimokitazawa, A Glimpse Back in Time

By Guidable Authors May 5, 2021

Thinking about fashion trends in Japan, the neighborhood of Shimokitazawa immediately comes to mind. If you are looking for the latest fashion items or ready for a thrift hunt, Shimokitazawa stands at the top of the list of go-to places in Tokyo! 

Shimokitazawa brings the charming vibes and a lot to see and do. There will be thousands of stores once you step out the station gate, from the vintage-style fashion items to recent on-trend finds. 

If you are not craving fashion, there are also some other choices for what you can do in Shimokitazawa.

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Strolling Around the Street

The main street of Shimokitazawa provides plenty of store choices. Second-hand stores and vintage-style shops are two of the most favored choices. The utmost part is that you don’t particularly need your luck here! 

Almost every shop in Shimokitazawa has its own gems and specialties. Either you can find a limited edition branded bag with a super affordable price, or a 50’s scarf that is no longer in production.

Small tip: spend a day instead of an hour! Most likely, you are going to have to spend a lot of time strolling around each store one by one. If you are really eager to bargain for some good stuff, you will be able to find it along the streets, and it will probably be hard to stop. 

Shimokitazawa’s roads are quite hilly, and many stores also ask you to step down the stairs to reach the main doors. Don’t worry, the road itself is already aesthetic since many stores are providing some nice decorations in the facade. To put it differently, you can relax in the stunning environment while taking some nice photos. 

Heart of Fashion Trends

Shimokitazawa’s trend flow is pretty fast following the recent updates. You can find anything that is “in” around the neighborhood. And you can expect to find all styles, from bohemian to retro to punk. All types are available depending on the store in Shimokitazawa.

The unique selling point of Shimokitazawa is the affordable prices they are offering. 

Shimokitazawa is famous for the existence of thousands of second-hand stores. And the quality served in Shimokitazawa is no joke. There are bounteous stores that offer world-class branded fashion items such as clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes. 

One thing you have to keep in mind because the stores are mostly secondhand shops is that you may not find the exact same item in the other stores. 

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World-Class Clothing Brands

Considering that most of the stores are offering second-hand items, the prices are often discounted and affordable even for budget shoppers. 

There are many choices of international brands such as Gucci, Prada, or Fendi that you can get for less than ¥10,000! 

In 2020, 90s and vintage styles were trending. Many people go to Shimokitazawa to find one-of-a-kind gems, old edition bags, and quirky accessories. In Shimokitazawa, you will also be able to find a limited old edition of several products. The one that was really popular recently was a Chanel vintage bag in the color of a creamy latte. 

This is the perfect spot for those who enjoy keeping up with the latest trend by utilizing secondhand items.

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Vintage Style Cafes and Restaurants

Bustling down to Shimokitazawa, you must try the vintage-style cafes. There are many choices of cafes providing a glimpse back into decades past, as well as bohemian-style cafes.

Whether you simply grab some drinks or have a proper meal, the cafes and restaurants available in Shimokitazawa might bring you a new revealing fantasy. 

Mostly, the above type of cafes and restaurants are available in-set, and provided by unique yet supporting decorations for you to enjoy. You can take free photos and fill your Instagram feed with the stunning backgrounds of these spots.

Not Only Clothing but Any Unique Items

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It’s important to remember that Shimokitazawa also presents other eye-satisfying items to look for. There are many choices of old books, CDs, or DVDs that are available in some stores in Shimokitazawa. 

If you are the type of person who enjoys listening to a vinyl record or reading some international language books, Shimokitazawa is a great place to go. Several stores are providing old books and good music with unique specialties that you can look for.

For example, you may find your favorite Beatles CDs available on vintage vinyl. You may also find some old books written by your favorite authors from the 50s. 

So, Are You Ready For A Glimpse Back in Time? 

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Because of its uniqueness and specialties, Shimokitazawa is known as a hidden gem to have a vintage-style shopping spree in town. Especially, if you are a person who loves to catch up with the trends or enjoying the old vibes environment, Shimokitazawa will be a perfect place for you to visit. 

Once you step out of the station, you will be able to find many stores available that might be suitable for your needs. 

Another tip: it would be better to research what you crave and which stores are available for your needs.

Otherwise, you may find yourself giving in to all of Shimokitazawa’s temptations and spending more money than planned!


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