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Top 5 Must-Buys of NITORI

By Guidable Writers Jun 16, 2017

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As the largest furniture and home furnishing chain in Japan, NITORI’s signboards can be found almost everywhere near Japan’s major stations and shopping areas. NITORI is best known as the “exquisite version of Ikea” and “the cheap version of MUJI”. If you are one of those who are seeking for high cost-effective and great design, you shall not miss some of NITORI’s self-produced products! Here are five of the items with both high reputation and sales which I would like to recommend to you!



Top 5 もちもちクッション(Super Soft Cushion

Actually I fell in love with this super soft cushion the first time I went shopping in NITORI, and was just unwilling to let it go. How soft exactly it is? Well, you’d better try it yourself. I’m sure once you touch it you would like to bring it home! It has two sizes of 40cm and 60cm. The 40cm ones are designed for cushions, and the 60cm ones can be used both as cushions and pillows! Besides, if the cushion gets dirty, just throw it into the washing machine, sooooo easy!!

Price in Japan: 40cm ¥925,60cm ¥1843



Top 4「西海岸風アイテム」クッションやラグ(“West Coast Style Items” Cushions&Rugs)

It’s feeling good to put some marine style items at home during summer, isn’t it? This set of marine style cushions and rugs released by NITORI is getting popular for its simple design, and the blue and navy colour also gives a refreshing sense of blowing sea breeze. They will be good choices for you if you would like to change the decorations in your room for summer. And it would be perfect to make up a set of them!

Price in Japan: Cushion ¥925,Rug ¥1843



Top 3 食器 (Tableware)

NITORI usually sets several rows of long shelves for showing different kinds of tableware, from delicate-designed series with patterns to pure white series. You may find almost whatever you want there, and they are all quite cheap. Especially those dishes and glasses sold in sets, they are even cheaper than those in 100 yen shops while made with better quality! So astonishing!

Price in Japan: Four glasses in a set ¥190,5 dishes in a set ¥619


Top 2 フライパン (Frying Pan)

This humble-looking frying pan is actually one of NITORI’s bestsellers. Its weight is extremely light which is suitable for cooking beginners to use. What’s important, it is a NON-STICKY pan, now you may understand how cost-effective it is. It has two sizes of 15cm and 19cm, which can be used both on a gas-cooker and an electromagnetic oven.

Price in Japan: 15cm ¥462,19cm ¥740


Top 1 N-クール (N-Cool Series)

Speaking of NITORI’s most famous items, it would be nothing other than the N-COOL series. While it’s getting hot day by day, are you still ready to use your old-fashioned bamboo mat? NO! What we are seeking for are high-tech products! N-Cool is a series of home furnishing made with NITORI’s original cool-sense materials, including mat, pillowcase, quilt, blanket etc. You may even find N-Cool stuffed toys! The cool-sense is divided into three levels. From experiencing the coolness in “an air-conditioned room” to the coldness on an “iceberg”, it’s totally up to you!

Price in Japan: mat ¥2769~,pillowcase ¥462~,stuffed toy ¥925~