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Guidable Japan 101 — Your BEST Japan Guide

By Guidable Writers Sep 4, 2017

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Having cold feet moving to Japan? KEEP CALM & Get ‘Guidable Japan 101’ — our FRESHLY published Ebook on Amazon or Kobo.


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All you need to know about Japan from entry at the airport, finding accommodation to studying, working, earthquake preparation and more!

Besides traditions and customs as well as other essential cultural aspects of Japan, Chapter 2 of ‘Guidable Japan 101’ covers Karaoke, Manga, Cosplay, Game arcades and more! Be prepared to get amazed by the Japanese subculture!

The public transportation system is so developed in Japan that foreigners often get confused!
JR, Metro, Subway, railway, what’s the difference?
How to behave in the ‘packed like sardines’ metro?
Where & How to get an Monthly/Semi-annual pass for less commuting fee?
Snag travel expense with special offers?
Taxi with english services?
Check the answer in Chapter 3.1 Public Transportation!

Things you need to be eligible for driving in Japan? Mastering a self-service gas station without Japanese knowledge? Common traffic rules and more to find out in ‘Chapter 3.2 Driving in Japan’ !

Have a look in Chapter 4 for studying in Japan if you want to know whether all international students here speak perfect Japanese; Apartment, dormitory and Homestay, which is the best for you; Necessary documents to prepare planning for study in language school/ university and other fun aspects!

Summarised with dress code, taboos at workplace and more about Japanese corporate culture, finding employment/part-times, tax system in Japan and etc., we hope to give you comprehensive tips for working in Japan with Chapter 5.

Afraid of getting sick in Japan and puzzled with the health care system here? We explain the complicated stuff in a simple way for you in Chapter 6 and provide you help for finding english speaking health care facilities!

Overwhelmed by searching through earthquake prevention/ preparation information? Check Chapter 7 of our book for disaster prevention and emergency response, where we collected and edited the information in a structural reading-friendly way for you!

Finished with the book? Congratulation! You just became an expert of survival skills in Japan! Recommend our ebook to your family members, your friends and others that are interested in Living, studying, working or even just traveling to Japan, they’ll surely enjoy it!