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Thousands Protest Myanmar Coup in Tokyo

By Guidable Writers Feb 8, 2021

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Japan to Extend State of Emergency Until March 7

The information has been verified by Japan Today, for another month until March 7, the government will extend a state of emergency in Tokyo and other areas, trying to keep the upper hand over a COVID-19 outbreak even as regular case numbers start to edge down. It was scheduled that the existing state of emergency would end on February 7.

After Tuesday’s meeting of an expert coronavirus response panel, Prime Minister Yoshida Suga made the announcement. On Tuesday evening, he will hold a news conference.

“We’ll respond with a sense of urgency based on the medical situation and virus spread,” Katsunobu Kato, chief cabinet secretary, told Japan Time‘s reporters.
Source: Kyodo News, The Japan Times, Japan Today

Thousands Protest Myanmar Coup in Tokyo, Demand Japan Take Tougher Action

Japan Today has reported that on last week’s Wednesday, thousands of Burmese protesters gathered outside Japan’s foreign affairs ministry to demand that Tokyo join its allies in taking more stringent action against Myanmar’s military coup.

A long line of protesters surrounded government buildings in Tokyo, where major political protests are relatively rare, wearing red and waving printed Aung San Suu Kyi images.

Photo: Getty Imagesdaily

The crowd sang in unison, “Free, free Aung San Suu Kyi, free, free Myanmar.” At the same time, their leaders handed a declaration to foreign ministry officials calling on Japan to use all of its “political, diplomatic, and economic power” to restore Myanmar’s civilian government.
Source: Japan Today, Reuters

Tokyo Olympics Face Another Headache – Not Enough Medical Staff

Japan Today has said that Japanese doctors and nurses battling the coronavirus would not have time to volunteer to help at the Olympics, creating another headache for organizers determined to hold the postponed Games.

The head of the Tokyo Medical Association, representing 20,000 doctors from hundreds of smaller medical organizations, said there was too much pressure on doctors and nurses battling with a third wave of the pandemic to consider signing up for the Olympics.

“No matter how I look at it, it’s impossible,” said Satoru Arai, whose association was hosted last March by both the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to secure more than 3,500 medical staff for the event.

Source: Japan Today

Japan’s Foreign Workers Hit Hard by Pandemic Despite Record Number

The coronavirus pandemic’s economic consequences have plagued the jobs and everyday lives of foreign workers in Japan, despite a record high of about 1.72 million in 2020

Foreign workers who have lost employment because of the economic downturn are struggling financially. They have not earned adequate help, with labor experts urging the government to provide more assistance.

Source: The Japan Times

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