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DXHUB – The Provider Who Understands Internationals in Japan

By Alex Gray Sep 21, 2018

This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified) Thai Vietnamese Chinese (Traditional) Indonesian

Applying for phone and Internet contracts in Japan can be a huge hassle. Have you recently landed in Japan and are looking for the best phone company? Or maybe you have been here for years and are looking to change your provider. Do you remember how long it took to apply for your phone contract? Maybe you had to submit your bank information (but the bank didn’t let you apply until you had a phone number), your Residence Card copy (but it hadn’t arrived yet) and your personal stamp (but it wasn’t ready yet). Internet contracts took even longer, for those you needed proof of billing address and it was all in complicated Japanese. That’s if you could decide between all the companies and types of Internet you wanted. Now it’s a lot easier to apply for both Japanese SIM card and Internet contracts, you can even do it online without a fuss!


DXHUB is a company that understands and caters its service to expats and International students living in Japan. With DXHUB you can apply for your SIM card or rental Wi-Fi online in just one minute. That fast! All you need is your passport, you can apply without even having picked up your Residence Card. And you can use it immediately after you arrive in Japan. Shipping is free within Japan and can even be delivered on the same day (if payment is confirmed before 12 AM on weekdays only). One of the most advantageous points of DXHUB is the easy payment system. Monthly payments are accepted at the convenience store so you don’t need a Japanese bank account or credit card! It really is so much easier to apply. And if you encounter any issues, DXHUB provides support in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese so you can inquire easily without having to worry about your Japanese communication level.



The Smart SIM is a prepaid SIM, complete with mobile phone number, and has a phone call charge limit so you know how much you are spending and don’t go over budget. The monthly plans are cheap and accessible for students; applicants can choose between 3GB, 6GB and 12 GB and, even better, calls to other JP Smart DATA 050 number users are FREE. With calls to U.S. coming in at 7.5 yen, and calls to China at 6 yen per minute International calls are even cheaper than usual providers so you can call home without breaking the bank.

What’s great is that as there is no binding contract, when you are ready to go back to your own country you can cancel the contract without contract cancellation fees, often a headache with popular Japanese mobile providers who charge extortionate cancellation fees. Something to note is to switch to another provider you will need a new phone number, however, as the JP SMART DATA SIM card is not MNP compatible.

The Smart SIM uses docomo (one of the three largest network operators), which offers Japan-wide coverage. And SIMs can be used in SIM-free or docomo devices so you don’t need to go out and buy something new!

The JP Smart Wi-Fi Router

JP SmartWi-Fi is a rental Wi-Fi plan that offers a 3GB of high-speed internet connection available every day. You can enjoy watching videos and playing games anytime. Boasting an 18.5-hour battery life and 5.5-hour recharge charge time, there’s no need to worry about your pocket router running out of juice on the way to work or school. Up to eight devices can connect to the router so your family and friends can always have access to speedy Wi-Fi on the go.

Other JP SMART SIM Services:

JP SMART SIM has announced a friend introduction program which entitles you to a 1000 yen Amazon gift card! If you successfully introduce a friend new to JP SMART SIM services you and your friend will receive 2000 JP Smart Points! These Amazon gift card points can be exchanged for a 1000 yen Amazon card. You can also recharge your data usage or exchange points for prizes, just like a cash back system.

What’s more, JP SMART SIM sometimes holds Giveaway Campaigns that are too good to miss! Check it out from the link below!



Not just an Internet and SIM card company, DXHUB also holds meetup and cultural events to bring expats and international students in Japan together. At the start of September, DXHUB held where five DXHUB users had the rare opportunity to meet and greet a genuine Geisha in the Gion district of Kyoto. An aquarium event is also in the works so check out the DXHUB website for more information. Previous events include a JPLT study group, Soccer World Cup, Tokyo Sky Tree takeover event and more!


With events for expats, multi-language support, and an application service adapted especially for internationals in Japan, we feel DXHUB is a provider who understands the needs of the expat and international student population in Japan.

Visit the DXHUB website below for more information.

It is a handy and friendly service for foreigners so we hope you enjoy using JP Smart SIM during your stay in Japan!