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Will Online Shopping Be Even Hotter This Holiday Season? 3 Reasons to Apply for the J Trust Global Card

By Guidable Writers Sep 17, 2020

Do you usually shop during the end of year winter sale? Online shopping is going to be big this holiday season. 

After Halloween, the end of the year will be upon us in no time. This holiday season, you can expect to see even more attention to online shopping than in previous years. Here are some reasons why, as well as some information about the J TRUST Card to help you shop.

Get Ready to Shop Online! Three Reasons Why This Year’s Holiday Season Shopping Will Be Big

This year has been a year of very different consumer behavior compared to previous years. In response, businesses are preparing for the holiday shopping season in a number of ways. Be prepared not to miss out on the best end-of-the-year shopping deals.

① “With Corona” Era Lifestyle

We have entered the “with Corona era” and our lifestyle has changed dramatically. We have to go through our daily life while worrying about the prevention of COVID-19 infection. Let’s take a look at how consumer psychology has changed. 

With the gradual lifting of the request for self-quarantine, the normative restrictions on behavior have been loosened, but the transmission of COVID-19 continues. With so many businesses already suffering economic damage and no prospect of recovery in the near future, there is growing concern about the economic downturn. Consumption was severely constrained by the declaration of a state of emergency. It appears, however, that since the peak around the Obon holiday, there is a slow decrease in anxiety regarding eating out at restaurants and taking domestic trips.

Source: “Intage Shiru Gallery”: article published 17 July, updated every Tuesday. 

② Data Shows a Surge in Online Shopping Users

In fact, according to Google, in 2020, the transition to e-commerce is at a record pace. As the number of customers seeking contactless shopping increases, promotions and sales will be made to promote online shopping. Since the pandemic we have seen a shift in online shopping, checking available stock online, and using “pick-up” services in stores and restaurants. 

③ PS5 Launches, Game Industry Predicts Massive Year-End Sales

Sony has announced that the PS5 will be released for the end of the year. Many similar companies are actually moving their product released towards the end of the year. Sony states that due to COVID-19, game software download sales and PS Plus and PlayStation Now (PS Now) subscriptions have increased significantly. They say industries will change in the “with Corona” era, the key being “remote”. The PlayStation Network has become a large online community and there is potential for further enhancement and growth in the future.

You Can Enjoy Online Shopping With the J Trust Global Card!

Why do we recommend “J Trust Global Card”?

① It’s easy to pass the screening inspection

② No bank account is required

It’s easy to sign up on the J Trust website, and they have 8 languages available, including Tagalog! Get ready to shop online in the comfort of your own home while you’re at it.

It’s Easy to Get Approved and You Don’t Even Need a Bank Account!

All you need is two of the following (both of which show your address) to apply: your Residence Card, a copy of your health insurance card, a copy of your Certificate of Residence (住民票), or your My Number Card. You do not need to have a bank account to apply!

The J Trust Card Is Very Useful for Your Everyday Life!

You can enjoy your everyday shopping without cash. Have you ever been stuck somewhere with no ATM and no cash? This has happened to me before when I found myself in an area where the ATMs close after a certain time, has that ever happened to you? Or maybe you have forgotten to take money out and you’re at the supermarket register with absolutely no cash?

Plus, using the J Trust Card is a convenient way to shop online.

Pay the Amount You Spend at the Convenience Store!

After you apply, your card will be delivered to your home. Since you can choose cash-on-delivery (COD), you can pay your deposit at the same time as receiving the card. And your card is ready to use! If you have a bank account and apply for a bank transfer application you can transfer the deposit and get your card delivered without having to pay by cash. In both situations, you will need to show your Resident Card to the delivery person to receive the card. 

When you cancel, you’ll get the money you paid for the deposit back. You can pay your monthly bill at the convenience store with your utility bills. What’s great is you don’t need to have a bank account to use this service.

Get Ahead With Online Shopping This Holiday Season and Apply for the J Trust Card

With the increase in shopping online recently due to COVID-19, having a credit card is really helpful! Often international residents in Japan are refused credit cards which causes a lot of grief, but the J Trust Global Card is easy to make.

You only need two pieces of specified identification, and you can apply straight away. You don’t need a bank account and can pay your bills at the convenience store so it’s really easy to apply and use.

Just apply and choose COD or bank transfer. If you choose COD, you will receive a cash-on-delivery notice, the card will be provided to you in exchange for the deposit and you can use it straight away. If you choose bank transfer, transfer the deposit to J Trust and you will receive your card, you can use it straight away! 

To read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) on the J Trust Card page about the card click here.

If you are looking for an easy, quick credit card for online shopping, why not try J Trust Global Card? We would love to hear if you’ve used it before, let us know in the comments below.


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