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Autumn in Japan 2021 Fashion: Bold and Cozy Trend

By Devy Sep 24, 2021

Are you one of those people who always follow the latest trend? If that is so… have you seen what trends are currently popular this autumn in Japan?

Japan, and especially Tokyo, is the center of fashion trends in all types of categories. Ranging from the quirky and attractive to the simple but cute, you will always find different styles around the main streets in Japan. 

Japan itself is known to have people who love to express themselves through clothing, and as the saying goes, be yourself. 

As one of the world’s most famous fashion centers, trends in Japan are constantly changing very rapidly. Did you know that this year’s autumn theme is bold and cozyTrendsetters are taking you out of your comfort zone, holding your hand when crossing the limit, and taking you to a different state by combining various fashion features. 

Following the surge of brilliant fashion ideas, here is some information for why you should follow this upcoming trend.

autumn in japan 2021 fashion


What Does Being Bold and Cozy This Autumn in Japan Mean?

Being bold and cozy means that you show both your dark and soft sides at the same time. This concept is not new in the fashion world, and it has been around for longer than you might think. However, in 2021, this year’s trendsetters decided to emphasize that bold and cozy is officially in and will become one of the year’s fashion highlights.

This concept emphasizes a bold and assertive look, showing that you are an independent woman with class. However, on the other hand, this display is also softened by a gentle touch which shows your softness and intelligence highlighted through a firm yet cozy look.

Young women in Europe and North America have already begun combining these two features and have started a new trend by posting their outfits on their social media accounts.

Now it’s your turn! Be a part of the trend, influencing your surroundings by serving a meaningful and confident look, and get ready to show it to the world!

autumn in japan 2021 fashion

Pexels, Marcus Aurelius

Describe Your Creativity Through the Art of Self-Expression

Again, the key to being cozy and bold is to be brave in expressing yourself through your clothing, demonstrating a classy yet firm vibe but still giving a sweet impression, implied through the choice of colors. 

Expressing a bold style means that you must show strength and firmness through how you dress to successfully express your opinions. 

Meanwhile, being cozy stands to give your look a small touch of sweetness, resulting in a simple and comfortable look. If you want to play with a few different shades, you can start with a beige or earth-tone look, which does not have to be dark. Any tone you want is possible as long as it expresses a fierce yet comfortable look. 

Uniting these two opposing traits can give off an attractive and classy impression. 

For example, you could start with a crop-top shoulder-up blazer in beige to demonstrate your softer side, whilst at the same time combining it with dark ankle boots and jeans that give off the impression of long legs to match those heeled boots. 

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Pexels, Ali Pazani

Prioritize the Quality of the Materials that Makes You Comfortable

Being comfortable is also an important component of being part of this bold and cozy trend. 

What is meant here by comfortable is that you can still easily keep up with the activities of the day under the cool autumn weather. 

In terms of serving a bold and cozy look, the choice of material is also important, and you should choose fabrics that are comfortable to wear throughout the day, such as knitted wool, softer-feeling materials, or fabrics that can keep you warm in the middle of autumn.

Moreover, it’s cardigan season! Who wouldn’t fall in love with a simple buttoned cardigan? 

Now, since the temperature is getting lower, you can finally put on your beloved cardigan and still show off your bold and cozy cardigan look by choosing dark colors to emphasize your bold side through your clothes of choice. 

Besides cardigans, oversized sweaters may be your go-to item. These look very good combined with Dr.Martens’ signature boots that are suitable for accompanying you during your daily life.

Remember… this is no longer the time to hide in that cuddly, comfortable look. It is all being bold, opinionated, and still feeling cozy at the same time!

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Pexels, Andrea Piacquadio

So, This Autumn in Japan, Are You Ready for a Bold and Cozy Look? 

Be a part of those who are there to be different and dress like they mean it. 

Join together to enliven the autumn 2021 trend and live boldly as a result of the bright ideas that trendsetters have created!

Begin from the selection of materials and colors to then mixing-and-matching in order to fit this year’s theme. 

You can bring back your favorite sweater or blazer from the pile of summer clothes and then combine it with ripped jeans and Chelsea boots or over-the-knee boots for a completed look. 

Wear whatever makes you confident and comfortable! 

Remember, you can be anything this year without any limitations! Be able to show off your fierce and gentle sides at the same time to the world.


Devy Mufliha,


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