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Let’s party tonight at beer Garden cafe! Try our craft beer!

By Guidable Writers Jun 22, 2018


Colors cafe at Umeda/Nakazaki Chou, we started a new plan called ‘Summer Beer party’ from 5/9.

Please enjoy your time at our beer garden cafe!

Not only beers but Sangria, Wine and Cocktail are also Included in all you can drink menu!

You can try 9 different kinds of Kawaii Food! You can enjoy different tastes!

You can add craft beer!

You can order birthday cake.

You don’t need to worry about the weather.


Let’s gather your friends and have jyoshi-kai

Celebrate your birthday, and anniversary!

Of course you can come with your lover too!



‘Summer Beer Party’ Plan 3980yen

All you can drink 90mins

TAPAS: Nacho&Guacamole / Tiny TERIYAKI burger / Smoked salmon&Cream cheese / Lemon tartar sauce bruschetta

SALAD: Bacon&spinach, Caesar cereal salada of Japanese mastered spinach

FRIT: French fries (Herb butter flavor)

BBQ: gratin bread of Camembert cheese fondue / Tandoori Chicken / Smoked Sausage


(2,500yen for ordering drink separately)



+700yen craft beer all you can drink

+500yen birthday cake

+300yen all you can drink 90min →120mins



Craft Beer Line up

If you add 700yen to the ‘Summer Beer Party’ plan, you can enjoy the following:



TEL: 06-4802-5335

Web: http://www.potomak.co.jp/newsfair/1805081803/

Place: Osaka Osaka-city Kita-ku Nakazakinishi2-4-20 Chelsea Market