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Spice up your summer at Marunouchi House Beer Garden!

By Guidable Writers Jun 18, 2018

Spice up your summer!

This summer Marunouchi House produces an exciting, refreshing experience with Spicy gourmet × beer! At “Beer Terrace in Marunouchi House 2018”, you can savour beer and delicious food while overlooking Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station. Date: June 1 (Fri) ~ September 28 (Fri) Place: Shin-Marunouchi building 7th Floor Marunouchi House.



“Beer Terrace in Marunouchi House 2018” will be held at the restaurant area Marunouchi House on the terrace overlookingMarunouchi side of Tokyo Station on the 7th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi Building from Friday 1st June to Friday 28th September .

At this event, which has glowing reviews every year, each store of Marunouchi House offers beer in a special mug, and prepares “Umakarai” (Deliciously Spicy) Food, which is excellent paired with a chilled beer. From chili pepper hot to yuzu pepper and wasabi spicy, there are a variety of intensities that expand to about 36 kinds of hot spicy menu. You can enjoy over 300 dishes offered from each store, right on the terrace.

Why not enjoy beer and great food with the great view of the Marunouchi station building at Tokyo station which just fully opened in December last year. Every Friday, the opening time of the terrace is extended to 24 o’clock, and light up the Marunouchi nightscape. This summer at Marunouchi house, beer and hot spicy food is waiting just for you.



“Beer Terrace in Marunouchi House 2018” Umakarai Menu Sample

*Offered menus may vary depending on dining time. Prices do not include tax.
*Spice Level★★★

Spicy grilled mackerel  ★☆☆
880 yen【SAWAMURA】


Deep-fried Oyama chicken with yuzu pepper ★☆☆


Steamed pork with Jalapeno Miso ★☆☆
1,450 yen【MUS MUS】


Soybean stem in soy sauce ★★☆
480 yen【SOBAKICHI】


Tortilla Chips with hot salsa ★★☆
649 yen【GEN BAR】


Spicy hotdog ★★☆
800 yen【RAIMU RAITO】


Arabiata ★★☆


NY Buffalo Chicken ★★★


Tasty chicken ★★★
900 yen【SO TIRED】

◆ What is Marunouchi House

There are 9 unique restaurants and bars based on the theme “Local Guest House” open until 4AM every day. Such restaurants include Spanish Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Soba noodles, as well as bars, cafes. It’s a one stop shop you can grab some food and drink to enjoy on the terrace. And there’s a DJ Thursday and Friday evenings, as well as art and fashion events.

【Address】7th Shin-Marunouchi Building, 1-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Opening Hours】Monday to Saturday 11: 00 to 4: 00am next morning. (Depends on the store / Sunday, holidays, last day of consecutive holidays 11AM ~ 11PM
【Terrace Opening Time】 11AM ~ 11PM ※ May be closed due to strong wind etc.
【Homepage】 http://www.marunouchi-house.com/
【Facebook】https://www.facebook.com/marunouchi HOUSE

Selection of cafes and restaurants
You can enjoy Marunouchi House not only at night but also at lunchtime. There are cafes where you can just relax during the day, and some stores offer lunch menu until 5PM. You can also enjoy eating on the open-air terrace. (The terrace is from 11: 00-23: 00)

Great for after parties!
Marunouchi House is open every day on weekdays until 4AM the next morning so you have plenty of time to keep partying all night long.

Sample 9 different menus
At Marunouchi House you can dine on each restaurant’s food at the terrace! When coming with friends and colleagues, you can order dishes and drinks of your favorite restaurant without having to decide what to compromise.

Food buzzer
Can’t wait for your takeout? No need to hang around! Marunouchi House has introduced a receiver to inform you when your food is ready. You can enjoy freshly prepared takeout menus at any time, and have a comfortable wait during busy hours.

A closer look at Marunouchi House

  • SO TIRED – Dining
  • RESTAURANT SAWAMURA – Wine and tapas
  • RAIMU RAITO – Cafe/bar
  • SOBAKICHI – Soba,sake and snacks
  • HENRY GOOD SEVEN – Lounge and dining
  • TOKYO WASHOKU BUNSHIRO – Japanese food bar
  • GEN BAR – Bar
  • MUS MUS – International cuisine
  • RIGOLETTO WINE AND BAR – Spanish-Italian cuisine


Has this article enticed you to hop on a train straight to Marunouchi to sample all the spicy foods and beer Marunouchi House has to offer? We hope to see you there!