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Sun Care from September

By Guidable Writers Sep 2, 2016

<Daily Sun Care Is Essential All Year Around>

Summer is almost over and it is getting cooler and cooler these days. You might think you don’t need sunscreen anymore, however, daily sun care is essential all year around for everyone in modern Japan because the UV rays have risk of dark spots, dry skin, and wrinkles. Therefore, it is said that sunburn brings damage to your skin. You might feel strange if you are from Americas or Europe, but it is the key to keeping beautiful skin for Japanese women.


<Sunscreen for Face, Body, and Hair>

There are several types of sunscreen like emulsion, spray, cream, etc. Especially sunscreen spray can use for many purposes; face, body, and hair. It can easily be forgotten but hair and scalp also get suntan. Moreover, it is waterproof and can be also used as makeup primer for women. People used to use cleansing products only for sunscreen, however, many products can be cleansed by soap. Even though several companies release sunscreen spray, the spray below has another feature which can be used after putting makeup too.


<Strong Supporter for Sunburn>

People sometimes get sunburn, not suntan. It also brings you burning sensation or reddened skin, and seems to be very painful. In Japan, skin lotion called carmine lotion is said that it is effective for skincare when people get sunburn for over 70 years. Because it is used especially in summer, you might feel comfortable if you keep it refrigerated. When you use it, shake well the bottle and appropriate amount of lotion is applied on the cotton, then do patting until your face feels cool. If you have a pain caused by sunburn, you should wait using until it is soothed. Carmine Lotion is also said that it is effective for prickly heat, and it could be one of Japanese summer essentials.

スクリーンショット 2016-09-01 15.13.43(Photo by Yuko)


<Sun Care in Winter>

Do you wonder why you have to use sunscreen even in winter? The UV ray quantity has been increasing and it is said that the quantity in winter is as much as in summer of 1990s in Japan. That is why sunscreen is essential for 365 days. Therefore, sunscreen is also effective for snow-tan, kind of sunburn caused by reflected light of snow. If you go skiing or snowboarding every winter, you should put sunscreen especially on your face. To avoid your cheeks’ flush even though you already put sunscreen, occasionally put it again. Sunscreen is not only for women, but also essential for all ages.