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5 Ways to spend Christmas if you are single

By Guidable Writers Dec 20, 2017

Christmas is coming! You may have heard or realised already, Christmas in Japan is a bit different than in other countries. Of course, this is the biggest event of the year for kids, as they are expecting to get a lot of presents from Santa. But it is not a religious event that families gather to celebrate Christmas in Japan. Christmas is one of the biggest events for couple as well as kids. They normally spend time together on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve and sometimes some people feel embarrassed or lonely if they do not have a partner that they can spend time with.

But do not worry! If you are single, you still can enjoy Christmas. You do not have to feel lonley! As Christmas is not a religious event in Japan and it is an event for fun, therefore, there are plenty of events that you can have fun or there are plenty of ways you can have fun if you do not have a partner.

Here is the information for those who are single on Christmas Day. Why not find a way to enjoy yourself from the list below?


  1. Enjoying a house party with friends

You are probably not the only one who does not have a partner on Christmas Day. Ask your friends how to spend Christmas. You will probably find out that maybe half of your friends might be in the same boat as you! So why not organise a house party with them at your place or their place? It does not have to be so special, you can just bring some food and drink or cook together, or even you can just go to get them together or order take away meal!

The meal does not have to be a Christmas meal, you can just order pizza or you can cook your traditional meal for your friends.

Also, if you decorate the room with something Christmassy, and play Christmas songs, or you can watch films that are very Christmassy, such as “Home Alone” or “ Love Actually”, you will enjoy your Christmas very much! Of course do not forget to exchange Christmas presents!


  1. Going out for Christmas dinner with friends

Going out for Christmas dinner is not something only for couples. You can go out for nice Christmas dinner with your friends. Restaurants are open on Christmas Day in Japan and most of them have special menu for Christmas. It is recommend to book a table and menu in advance, as Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for restaurants. Why not dress up and have a special meal and drinks with your friends? A nice meal and nice company must make you feel happy and you do not have to feel lonely.


  1. Going to a Christmas party in a club

Most of the clubs are open on Christmas Day and they organise special parties around Christmas time. If you like dance music, also like to dance and socialise, this is one of the ways to enjoy Christmas in Japan. You can enjoy nice music and must be able to have great fun there! Normally, the party starts around 10 pm and finishes around 5 pm. Some parties you are required to get a ticket online in advance. Please make sure to bring your ID, otherwise you might not be able to enter.


  1. Watching TV at home

It might sound a little bit lonely but you do not need to feel so. Many people, even those who have a partner but can not spend time together due to work or study, have to spend Christmas alone. There are plenty of  special TV programmes broadcasting on Christmas Day that you can enjoy watching, such as comedy shows, dramas, or films. Also, convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven or Lawson, sell Christmas meals for one, like Christmas cakes or roasted chicken, small bottles of sparkling wines, and if you get them for yourself, and watch a comedy show on TV that makes you laugh, you will not feel lonely anymore!


  1. Going on a trip

Going on a trip during Christmas time is a good idea too, as New Year is the most important event in Japan and families gather to celebrate New Year and people travel before and after New Year. Therefore, the trains or aeroplanes get busier and the prices of the tickets get more expensive than usual. So why not go on a trip before then? It is cold and dry in winter in Japan. But if you travel to Northern part of Japan around this time, such as Hokkaido or Tohoku area, you will probably enjoy the snow. Or if you travel to Southern part of Japan, such as Okinawa, or southern part of Kyushu area, you will enjoy the warm weather. Or if you are not living in Tokyo, why not travel to Tokyo? You will be able to enjoy the festive mood in Tokyo, such as Christmas light and shopping.!


Here are some tips how to spend Christmas if you are single! Christmas in Japan might be a little bit different from in your country, and it is a good opportunity to get to know the Japanese modern culture whether you have a partner or not. As it is not a religious event, you might have to spend it alone, even if you have a partner due to work or study. Therefore, you do not have to be embarrassed or feel lonely if you are single on Christmas Day!  You can enjoy Christmas with your friends or even by yourself.

And, do not forget to send Christmas cards to your family and friends in your country before Christmas and call them on Christmas Day and say “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Holidays!”

Hope you all have a great time on Christmas Day in Japan!