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Interviewing Takaya, famous cosplayer in Japan!

By Guidable Writers Jul 31, 2017

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<Who is Takaya?>


Cosplay is a famous sub-culture in Japan that people dress themselves as manga and anime Characters.

Nowadays, Cosplay culture has became more and more popular in the world, and there are more and more events that are held all over the world.

If you want to start Cosplay, all you need is your costume. However, it is costly if you want to have a decent costume.

Takaya, a Japanese cosplayers, is trying to make his costume with as little money as possible.


These are the cosplays that Takaya has performed before;



‘Pomupomu Pudding’






‘Neko bus’


Takaya posts his cosplay pictures on Twitter, and his pictures are famous for their extremely low quality. Despite of the low quality, his pictures has attract 27000 followers to see his pictures. Today, we have the opportunity to interview Takaya, the famous star in SNS.

<Famous Cosplayer Takaya’s daily life>


Q: Thank you very much for giving us a chance to interview you today.


A: No, it is okay because I rarely go out from my house, and I spend most of my day without speaking to a single person, so I am glad that I have a chance to talk to people.


Q: You said that you don’t go out from your house often, but what is your current job?


A: I am not doing any work now. I go to the supermarket everyday and taste the sample food which are given for free.


Q: I see… We know that you have been doing cosplay, so can you us the reason why you started cosplay?


A; I don’t have any specific reason for that. As I said before, I rarely interact with people as I don’t have a job, so I wanted to be connected with people through SNS. It is normal for me to spend my entire day without speaking a single word; I shed in tears when I realize that the first sentence I spoke on one day was ‘I don’t have any point card’ at the convenience store. I thought that if I start working on SNS, somebody may notice me.


Q: So you started Cosplay because you wanted to interact with people. Then why don’t you get a job? You can definitely talk to people if you get a job…


A: Let’s not talk about it now.


<Fascinated by the foreign cosplay culture>


A: Let’s get back to our topic. Nowadays there are many Twitter users that post their poems, pictures, art etc. but why did you choose to start cosplay?


A: I love to watch pictures of foreign people doing cosplay, especially the crazy ones. They are having fun even though their cosplays are not even close to the original characters. They are crazy, but they are having a lot of fun. I can feel their love towards the characters. I love manga too, so I wanted to enjoy so this is why I chose cosplay.


Q: There are a lot of cosplays all over the world. So you were driven by the foreign cosplayers.


<The Cosplay is done when I feel it is done>

Q: So, can you tell us how do you do all the shooting?

A: I always do all the shooting on my own. I don’t have any friends that can help me. I want friends, desperately.

Q: So you don’t have anyone who takes the photo for you?

A: Yes, exactly. That is why I use this stand to take all the pictures.

I don’t have money to buy a good camera, so I am using my smart phone. I really need money. Really…

The hardest thing is that my camera only has 10-seconds timer.

The flow of the shooting is like this:

1.Press the self-timer-2. 10seconds count down-3. Takaya gets into his position in 10 seconds-4. Photo taken!-5. Check the picture-6. Failed-7.Go back to the first step.


This is the hardest thing for me. It takes me a lot of time to take a good picture. I need to take hundreds of thousands of pictures just for one cosplay, and every time I failed, I will be like, ‘SH####T!!!’

Q: How much time do you need to finish one picture?


A: It only takes a short time if it succeed, but sometimes I spend 2-3 hours for one picture.


Q:So you need to keep repeating the same process over and over. How do you decide which picture to post for your Twitter?


A: I just decide it based on how I feel. I see the general shape of the picture with my eyes half- opened, and it is finish when I feel like it is finished.

<Not Cosplay but Food Menu.>


Q: How much do you spend for one cosplay?


A: It really depends on the picture, but I want to make it as cheap as possible. I don’t have money, so most of my costume is made of Japanese snacks. I bought all the snacks from Okashi no Machioka, which is really close to my house.

Q: You really use a lot of Japanese snacks for your cosplays.


A: Because I don’t have any money… after I finish all the cosplay, I will eat all the snacks on my own. This is very efficient because they will become my dinner!


Q: How do you decide which character you choose to perform cosplay?


A: I choose it from Manga and Anime that I like. I also choose from characters that appear in the toy book which my mom used to read it for me when I was small.


Q: So you are choosing the characters that you like.


A: But I am not familiar with the characters in these days… So if you have any suggestions, please team me!


<What he felt while doing cosplay>


Q: Now you are posting your photos on your Twitter, but do you have any interaction with them,?


A: I feel really happy whey my followers replied to my posts. I started this activity because I wanted to interact with people, so I really feel grateful when people comment on my posts.


Q: Your dream of ‘getting connected to people’ is achieved.


A: There are some negative comments such as  ‘it is not similar’ ‘it is gross’ ‘it is  dirty’ ‘your face is ugly’ but I feel really grateful even for those comments. Sometimes I get comments like ‘Don’t play with the foods’, but please forgive me as I am eating all the snacks.

<Future plans>

Q: Can you tell me about your future plans?

A: I need a friends that help me. I am doing it on my own that often drives me crazy. I want to post my photo on Twitter constantly. I want to post is everyday but I don’t have the money. I really need money, and friends.

Q: Last but not least, can you give me a cosplay that you can publish only for Guidable Inc. ?

Well, I will use this…


‘This is Winny the Poo.’

‘Can you do it seriously?’