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Why are there so many Public holidays in Japan?

Mar 26, 2019

Is there a reason why there are so many public holidays in Japan? According to the data collected... Read More...

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12 Months of Japan’s Public Holiday, 2019

Feb 13, 2019

How Many Public Holiday does Japan have in a Year? According to this website, Japan has a total of ... Read More...

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Top 5 Cool Summer Resorts in Japan (That’s Not Okinawa)

Jul 5, 2017

Are you feeling sick of the heat in the city? Want to experience how Japanese people spend their sum... Read More...

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The Top 5 Accessible Beaches You Must Visit in Japan this Summer!

The Top 5 Accessible Beaches You Must Visit in Japan this Summer!

Jun 3, 2017

  What's your plan during summer?   Summer is just around the conner, why not spe... Read More...

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How to Enjoy the Beach in Japan

Aug 16, 2016

As you know, Japan is surrounded by the ocean and it has a long coastline. You can imagine that many... Read More...

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