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From Camping To Glamping, the Best Glampsites Near Tokyo

By Margherita Aug 23, 2021

Are you interested in the outdoors but you’re not ready to try camping yet?
Glamping could be the perfect solution for you!

“Glamping”, as the union of the two words “glamourous” and “camping”, revolutionizes and transforms camping in a luxurious experience – far from the basic tent and sleeping bag setting. This new glamourous camping experience has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years in Japan as a way to be immersed in nature while not having to compromise on commodity and luxury.  

Next we want to give you some of our suggestions for the best glamping around Tokyo! No need to pitch a tent or to fall asleep on uneven bumpy ground. 

Keikoku Glamping Tent

Keikoku Glamping is located within the Tokyo area, in Akiruno City. The glamping campsite is easy to reach in less than two hours from the bustling metropolis. It offers not only luxury and spacious fully-equipped tents but also bbq area and spa to relax and heal from stressful daily life. Enjoy hiking and explore the waterfalls in the vicinity or soak up in the local onsen. 

Ufufu Village

Ufufu Village faces the Kanokawa river in the middle of the Izu Peninsula. It has been designed to offer different types of accommodations: a basic glamping ridge tent, a dome tent and a trendy metallic camping trailer with a modern design and a spacious bed, sofa, and dining area. Each accommodation is provided with a front rain-safe patio set up with a comfortable table and bbq. You can also book your own private onsen for a relaxing bath experience with your family or partner.

camping to glamping around tokyo

Mahina Glamping Village

Mahina Glamping Spa Village is also located in the Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture, The village prides itself with providing the best combination of outdoor and luxury within an Hawaian-style rooms, decorated with colorful patterns and design. Go past the moai statues at the entrance and before enjoying the comfort of your stylish tent relax sipping your welcome drink on one of the hammocks available on the campsite. 

Myogi Green Hotel and Terrace

Myogi Green Hotel and Terrace located in Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture is based on the concept of “Wild and Luxury” and is the ultimate solution for those who have an interest in outdoor but are not ready for camping yet. The campsite has different types of tent and plans suited for different budgets and needs. If you are thinking about going on an adventure with your furry friend it is worth considering Myogi Green Hotel and Terrace as the glamping site offers a special “pet tent” where you can comfortably bring your cat or dog.

camping to glamping around tokyo

Snow Peak Glamping 

Snow Peak Glamping in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture draws from Kengo Kuma’s concept of “mobile house”, and offers a new outdoor experience in harmony with contemporary architecture. From the nearest bus station the campsite also provides a free shuttle service (booking is required).

Hoshi No Ya

Hoshi No Ya glamping ground near Kawaguchi Ko, just next to Mount Fuji is the most luxurious glamping spot around Yamanashi Prefecture with three different types of stylish but cozy cabins. “Find yourself in the woods” is the concept developed at Hoshi No Ya which finds application in the large wooden decks that blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature. Enjoy the beautiful view of the nearby Lake Kawaguchi from the window or bathe in the intimate in-room bathtub. 

Not Up For Camping? Try Glamping Near Tokyo

If you still haven’t tried glamping around Tokyo, choose your favourite spot and glamping style and indulge in a night of nature therapy while sleeping in the comfort of a fully equipped cozy hotel-like room.

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