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5 Haunted Places in Japan You Must Not Visit

By Tomoda Aug 6, 2018

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There are many haunted places all over Japan. More than a few people even visit these kinds of places for fun. However, some places are seriously dangerous, capable of damaging you both mentally and physically. This article will go over five haunted places you should not visit in Japan.

Are you ready to hear some blood-curdling stories?

Akedori Tunnel

This tunnel is located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. It has been used since the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and is one of the oldest tunnels in Japan. In this tunnel, the bodies of a young mother and her son were found cut into pieces. Another young couple committed suicide by burning themselves alive within the tunnel. There is no light inside the tunnel, and it’s so narrow only one car can fit through.

Many strange and frightening things have occurred around this tunnel. People have seen the ghosts of the young couple on multiple occasions. In 1990, a burned car was found in the forest next to the tunnel, but the woman who had been driving that car was nowhere to be seen. She’s still missing to this day.

Unfortunately, the tunnel has also become a popular spot to commit suicide.

Kyu Zenba Tunnel

This tunnel is located in Kanagawa Prefecture. In the tunnel, a boy died in a bike accident. After that, many odd and unlikely accidents have happened here. What’s more, the names of the victims are all the same: Junichi. There’s even a signboard outside the tunnel saying, “No more deaths of Junichi”.

People have experienced a dangerous apparition here: the ghost of a boy appears in front of cars and bikes, shocking the drivers. In their surprise they mishandle their vehicles, which causes accidents. Many people have died there due to car accidents, so please try to avoid the tunnel.


This is a 60-meter high cliff located in Wakayama Prefecture. The cliff is famous as a sightseeing spot, as well as a place to commit suicide. A constant stream of people attempt suicide there.

It is said that when you take photos in Sandanbeki, a ghost is likely to show up in the picture. Also, some people say that if you go to the edge of the cliff, some inexplicable power drags you down into the waves. If you do not want to have ghosts in your photos and die, it is better not to go just to satisfy your curiosity.

Jomon Tunnel

This tunnel would freeze your bones. This scary spot is located in Hokkaido and has been there since 1914. Since the opening of the tunnel, many people have had weird experiences like hearing the sound of people moaning or encountering spectral men covered in blood.

When there was a huge earthquake in 1968, the tunnel was damaged. Among the wreckage, a pile of human bones was found standing straight up like a pillar. People still wonder whether the person they belonged to had been some kind of sacrifice. As the investigation continued, many other human bones were found.

Additionally, people have encountered ghosts, suddenly become sick, and committed suicide in this tunnel. Because of this spot’s gruesome history and the irrefutable evidence of human bones, people naturally tend to feel the presence of ghosts.

Irei no Mori

Irei no Mori is a forest located in Iwate Prefecture. This forest became famous for a huge accident. In 1971, a commercial plane and a fighter aircraft of the Japan Self-Defense Force collided in the air above the forest. The planes were incinerated, and all 162 people aboard the planes were killed. The forest below was littered with body parts.

What people have encountered in the forest since then is scary as hell. Bloody red handprints have appeared on the windshields of people driving through, and ghosts are often found in the backgrounds of photos taken there. Some people have even gone mad after visiting the forest and had to be hospitalized.

Considering the fact that over 150 people have died in this area, these facts make a lot of sense. Please stay away from here.

You Better Not To Go Haunted Places

Each haunted place I’ve mentioned has a reason for its terrifying nature. Places where people have died tend to be haunted. The strange experiences people have in these places are not just silly rumors; they are serious reports with clear evidence. Death is a spiritual phenomenon, and you cannot underestimate how powerful it is. There’s no reason to go back and stir up the darkness sleeping in these places.

Even if you are curious about haunted places, it would be better not to go there just for fun.

It’s not funny. It’s seriously scary.

If you really want to have haunted experiences, it’s better to stick to artificial ones in amusement parks.