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Where to Stay in Scenic Gifu to Escape the City

By Alex Gray Jul 16, 2020

Scenic Gifu has everything you need for a nature-based and peaceful getaway to escape the city. With quick, easy access from Tokyo, it’s great for a weekend or short-trip too. Travel to Gifu for a safe haven away from the crowds, the enclosed spaces of the city. Breathe in the fresh air of woodlands and rivers. Listen to the sounds of birds and gushing streams. Dine on the scrumptious fresh vegetables grown locally and brought straight to your table.  

Where Is Great to Stay in Gifu? A Scenic Escape Full of Nature

If this sounds like the perfect trip for you, check out our recommendations for places to stay in Gifu! Enjoy chilling in a cozy house by the fire or sip tea in a historic Japanese inn.

Auberge Hida no Mori

Travel to Auberge Hida no Mori in Gifu and enjoy the peaceful, healing energy of nature. Book yourself a retreat from the busy life of the city at this hidden inn nestled in trees. Explore the magical forests, relax with a cup of tea in the cozy lounge complete with wood-burning stove, and dine on delicious organic food.

Auberge Hida no Mori is an inn surrounded by nature. Located in scenic Gifu, it is 10 minutes by car from Takayama station. A free shuttle service for people traveling by bus or train is available on request. Guests can take a historic trip to nearby Hida Minzoku Mura Folk Village and Takayama Jin’ya; both are within a 10-minute drive. The area is well situated for sightseeing in the Takayama area, and walking and hiking through the beautiful forest. From the inn, take a quiet walk through the surrounding greenery, listen to the morning chirp of the birds and bathe in the light and soft sounds of the forest.  

There are twin, double and triple rooms to book at Auberge Hida no Mori. You can view the natural thickets through the windows of all the rooms and relax in the quiet, peaceful environs. The rooms are simple, clean, and comfortable. There are toilets and washrooms on the second and third floors and two private baths on the second floor with amenities. Why not have a cup of tea or coffee in the spacious, open-air lounge, and relax with friends? In the winter, snuggle up to the warmth of the woodstove and watch the snow collect on the trees outside. When it’s warm, you can sit out on the wood deck and enjoy a refreshing beverage or some cake, breathe in the woodsy scent of nature without leaving the inn. 

Escape the Three Cs of closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact by traveling to this haven in nature. Heal your immune system at Auberge Hida no Mori with the seasonal, organic ingredients used to make the exquisite meals. Breakfast is a spread of freshly baked bread, salad, yogurt, tea, and coffee. The entire menu is homemade! You can choose between a B&B plan or Half-Board with the addition of an Italian dinner. The chefs have experience in Italy and Australia and prepare meals using Italian inspired ingredients. Taste the difference in the authentic homemade Italian pasta, the local fresh vegetables, and wine carefully selected to match the meal. You can try over 100 types of wine grown with natural, organic grapes! Dine in the light, airy, glass dining room, and have the forest come to you. 

Spend some peaceful relaxation time and heal your mind and body at Auberge Hida no Mori. You will come back feeling refresh and rejuvenated thanks to the calming atmosphere and surroundings. Experience the forest and its beauty throughout all seasons. This inn in the forest grove is a special place you will want to travel back to again and again. 

Find out more at the homepage: https://www.hidanomori.jp/


Visit SENZAIROU, in Yoro Gifu prefecture. SENZAIROU is a Japanese ryokan registered on cultural land with plenty of history. The building was established in 1764 and exudes the romance of the Meiji and Taisho eras. 

There is a famous waterfall in the town of Yoro. In the Yoro Koshi legend, a son who lives with his old father finds a waterfall that produces sake. This sake helps bring the old man back to health and the waterfall becomes known far and wide for its healing properties. The emperor visited here in the year of 717, and about a century later SENZAIROU was born (SENZAI means century in Japanese).

To keep up with modern Japanese architecture, the building with its rich history has been renovated a few times in the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras, incorporating each era’s design and decoration. However many features remain the same as 1764 in spectacular preservation of history. There is some historic art displayed by famous artists who have stayed in the hotel. 

Loved by many writers and artists, the rooms of the inn have a unique taste. Designed by Seiho Takeuchi is a ten-tatami mat sized Japanese room featuring a silk painting by the artist himself. The rooms are all Japanese style with tatami and sliding doors. There are high ceilings made from cedar, pine or bamboo and glass verandas looking out onto vivid greenery. Rooms feature ancient calligraphy, tasteful alcoves, and beautiful screens. 

The bath uses natural water from the Yoro Mountains. There are many famous waters in this area, which have been deeply related to people’s lives since ancient times. Among them is the legend spring water of Yoro Waterfall, designated as one of Japan’s “100 Best Falls” and Kikusui spring which was selected as one of the “100 Famous Waters” by the Environment Agency. Relax in the hotel’s private bath and bathe in the natural, famous waters. 

SENZAIROU prides itself on cuisine too. The popular Four-Season Course, and the Flavorful Hida Beef Course, are a flavourful experience not to be missed. The local beef Hidagyu is smooth and tender, highly marbled, and has an extraordinary depth of flavor. The inn owner puts his heart into making SENZAIROU’s highly acclaimed breakfast with delectable side dishes, salad, soups, and rice. Enjoy the delicate flavours while relaxing to the sound of nature nearby. You can choose your stay package. Room only, room with breakfast and half board with dinner packages are available at the time of booking. 

There are lots of things to do and see around SENZAIROU. Visit Yoro Park, the home of Yoro Waterfall, the wonderous Site of Reversible Destiny, the Gifu Kodomo-no-kuni children’s park, golf courses, and more. At the Yoro Waterfall site stroll through the stunning walkway around the waterfall which you can enjoy in all seasons, visit temples and shrines. See the Kikusuisen visited in 717 by Empress Gensho who called it the “holy water good for old age”. It is said the water can cure illness! Experience art like no other at the Site of Reversible Destiny. The artwork was created by Shusaku Arakawa and his partner Madeline Gins with the intention to be touched and interacted with!

Take a magical trip to Yoro and stay in SENZAIROU, experience what deep history the town and ryokan both have to offer on a trip like no other! 

Find more at the homepage: http://senzairou.com/english.html 

Escape the City and Stay in Gifu. Which Hotel Are You Going to Pick?

I can’t wait to pack my bags and travel to Gifu and enjoy the woodland scenes. How about you?