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Gotemba, Number One Premium Outlet in Japan

By Guidable Authors Apr 5, 2021

Gotemba, with its beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji, is also a paradise for outlet shopaholics. Living in this modern era, it feels difficult not to follow the updated fashion trends. Looking at how to style outfits, matching the bags, or wearing up-to-date shoes can make for a very demanding situation every morning before work.

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However, buying some new shoes or bags sometimes is also a burden due to the amount of money that must be spent. How about getting these necessity items from a total cut-price wonderland?!
Here, I will introduce you to an amazing outlet shopping paradise for people who live in Japan.

Gotemba Premium Outlet, a Favorite of Tourists and Locals

Located near Fuji Mountain, Gotemba has been favored by the Japanese themselves or tourists as a must-go-to shopping destination!
Gotemba is known as the Gotemba Premium Outlet, number one all around Japan. Gotemba has 300 stores and restaurants, consisting of international and local Japanese brands.
The Gotemba Premium Outlet aims to provide a means for those of you who want to shop for famous branded goods, such as Nike, Kate Spade, Gucci, and many more at a cheaper price with the same high quality.
That’s why tourists from all around the world spend a day or two having a shopping spree at Gotemba Premium Outlet.

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Located Less Than 2 Hours Away from Shinjuku Station!

Becoming a favorite place of tourist destinations, Gotemba has a strategic location which is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, only 1 hour and a half by bus from Shinjuku Station.
Located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you might feel a different sensation there. Gotemba has a calm atmosphere, surrounded by natural scenery that is soothing to the eye, and also the beauty of Mount Fuji!
Having a shopping spree with a touch of Japanese natural beauty – where else you can get such an experience aside from the Gotemba Premium Outlet?

Choose From Dozens of Your Favorite Stores

Just looking for something to pamper your eyes and still don’t know what to buy? Come to Gotemba! You will be faced with many choices to suit your needs, from your favorite fashions to household goods! All types are available in Gotemba.

Shops and brands range from attractive local Japanese brands to well-known international brands. And remember, all prices are cheaper than the normal stores you may find in the city. Very satisfying, isn’t it?

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Get Gucci by Saving 70% Off!

Speaking about Gotemba Premium Outlet, it would be unfair not to talk about the price being so much cheaper from the official shop. Whoops, take it easy, Gotemba doesn’t sell fake products! All items are originally manufactured by the official brands.

However, you have to be careful that Premium Outlets may sell items that have long been produced or rejected items that cannot be sold at the official store.

The positive point is that they are only selling new unused items at a cheaper price. It is almost impossible to find a premium outlet that sells second-hand items.

Happy Hour is Waiting For You!

Not only offering cheaper prices, but Gotemba also has an iconic happy hour!

You can enjoy happy hour at a discounted price, up to 90% within certain hours. The deals are unique to each store, but some stores are serving happy hours at the same time.

Another offer is that they may offer you a buy-one-get-one-free on any items that you like. Truly a dream come true for shopaholics right?

Enjoy the Appealing Restaurants and an Enchanting Backdrop

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Besides providing a fun shopping place, Gotemba also provides a variety of attractive restaurants with stunning views, perfect for taking photos. You can enjoy a wide selection of food and hawker stalls from all around the world, from Japan, India, and western food.

And for those of you who are getting bored of shopping, you can come to enjoy the natural scenery that is no less amazing. You can see directly the one and only Mount Fuji covered in snow. Gotemba itself has an alluring old European-style environment, superbly suitable for adding to your photo collection.

So, Would You Spend a Day to Explore This Outlet Bliss?

After a long and busy weekday, entertaining yourself on the weekend and treating yourself to outlet shopping is a great choice to fill your time. By shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlet, you can also enjoy the fascinating scenery of Japanese traditional beauty for relaxation.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Gotemba!


Devy Mufliha,


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