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How to Find Your Partner at the Mysterious Love Shrine in Kiyomizu Dera

By Guidable Writers Nov 24, 2018

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This temple in Kyoto has a secret which is rarely known even by Japanese people. If you go to Kyoto, do not forget to check it out! For someone who is on the search for love, this shrine is waiting for you.


Kiyomizu Dera (清水寺), also known as pure water temple, is a well-known tourist destination in Kyoto Japan. This temple has a huge wooden balcony where you can see incredible viewss of Kyoto. With only this information, you may determine this temple is just an ordinary temple, similar to others in Japan. Nevertheless, this temple has something extraordinary that helps you find your true love hidden inside. But be careful.. it’s top secret.



(Caution : This article is for someone who deeply desires to find love.)

When entering Kiyomizu Dera you have to pay a 400 yen as entrance fee. The entrance ticket designs are different depending on the season in Japan: winter features a snow scene whereas the spring ticket has cherry blossoms detailed on the ticket.



In Japan it’s the tiny details that make simple things become special and impress tourists. Inside Kiyomizu dera, you offer a prayer at the main hall. It’s not difficult to pray in the Japanese style if you follow these steps!

The first tip is I suggest you remember this short sentence “Bow Bow Clap Clap Wish Bow”.

After you throw in the 5 yen coin, you have to bow twice (Bow Bow) and clap twice (Clap Clap). After that, you can make a wish and bow again. 5 yen is meaningful when you make a wish in the Japanese temple because the pronunciation of 5 yen (go-en) in Japanese is 御縁 (go-en). 御 is the honorable prefix while 縁 means relationship or fate. Consequently, it means you can build a relationship and good fortune. Another meaning of the lucky 5 yen is the hole in the middle of the coin which implies the future with an unobstructed view, it catch the luck for you inside.

Let’s move to the next attraction in Kiyomizu Dera. There is a famous waterfall called Otawa waterfall inside the temple. It is divided into 3 separate streams. Each stream has the different power to fulfill a wish. The second tip is I recommend you pick only one of the three streams. Don’t be greedy and pick 3 streams. Before going to Otawa waterfall, here is my advice. I recommend you go to the washroom before going to have a sip of water at Ottawa waterfall. Thus, the power will stay with you as long as you can hold it in. To be honest, I was confused about the waterfall stream’s counting order. The instruction describes the stream will bring success, love, and longevity, in that order. Therefore, someone who is searching for love has no doubt to drink from the middle stream.


The next stop is love stone (恋占いの石) in Jishu shrine (地主神社). There are a pair of stones placed 18 meters apart. The instruction describes that if you are able to walk 18 meters distant between these 2 stones, you will soon find love. If someone has to help you, you will need assistance in your love mission. Another possibility is if you cannot complete the task, it will take a long time to meet your partner. The third tip is I recommend you practice at your home before doing it at the shrine. Do not ask me how many times my friends practiced at their home. But in the end they were too nervous about the end result to make an attempt!



Before leaving this shrine you must not forget to buy an amulet (お守りomamori) from Jushu shrine. Jushu shrine is the mysterious shrine hidden inside Kiyomizu Dera. The amulet shop is so small and a bit difficult to find. You have to carefully find it. (This shrine is emphasized by the red thick underline with 1M stars) The amulet shop is placed next to the small stairs and the amulet is only 500 yen. It is not expensive when comparing with your vivacious future with your beloved.

I have some references from my friends who went to Jushu shrine. One drank water from the middle stream of Otawa waterfall and bought a love amulet. She had no experience in falling in love with or dating someone throughout her life of 23 but she got a boyfriend less than a month after this. Another friend from Laos is popular among the guys because she is an amazing cook. She used to have a boyfriend but most of them did not sincerely love her. Besides, she has no courage to confess to a guy who she is secretly in love with. She said just secretly loving him is enough. However, she got a boyfriend within a week after purchasing her love amulet. The last reference is to someone to whom I am really close to. She became popular among guys after she bought the love amulet. And now she has found the perfect guy!

If you want to find your perfect partner. I urge you to follow my instructions and I hope you can find them real soon!


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