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One Amazing Pass You Should Buy at Kansai International Airport (KIX)

By Guidable Writers Sep 29, 2017

Osaka is one of the most famous tour spots in Japan for not only foreigners but also Japanese people. There are lots of places where I want you all to visit, such as, Osaka-Castle, Tsutenkaku Tower, and more. However, I often hear that many people concern about trip expense in Japan even though they want to enjoy going as many places as they can afford. In this article, I will introduce you about one amazing pass that save your money to go to these famous spots in Osaka. You can get the ticket at Kansai International Airport, and the ticket will help you to save your money besides going to many famous tour spots by discounting prices.


1. The Location Where You Can Purchase The Pass


Before moving on to explain about the ticket, let’s check where you can purchase after going through custom service. When you come out from either North Arrival Gate or South Arrival Gate, you head center of the airport for reaching No.26 on the map above. That is the place where you can buy the ticket that I am going to introduce you today. For your information, if you have any questions regarding trip here in Japan, you better ask at the Tourist Information Desk of Kansai. Once you purchase this pass and ask questions that you wonder, you are totally ready to go sightseeing in Osaka.



2. What Is The Amazing Pass?

The ticket that I am going to introduce today is called Osaka Amazing Pass. They have two types of tickets, 1-day pass and 2-days pass. I recommend you to purchase 2-days pass if you have enough time to stay for two days in Osaka. There are three amazing features of this ticket. First of all, you can ride buses and trains unlimitedly with the pass almost anywhere in Osaka prefecture in the day you use. Secondly, you can enjoy about 35 sightseeing spots for free, including my favorite place Osaka-Castle. Lastly, you also can receive benefits at 25 facilities & 67 shops.
Osaka Amazing Pass is a set of one card pass (you can choose unlimited times of rides for 1 day or 2 days) with barcode for getting three incredible benefits explained above, and a guidebook with Coupons, which make your journey more fun. You can use it on any day you like from April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018. Let’s see each feature from next chapter.



3. Feature No.1

Its one amazing feature is what you can use enough municipal subway and bus lines to visit almost anywhere in Osaka in a day. As you can easily imagine if you often travel, it costs money to use transportations even though you want to spend money for another methods. To concern about this point, the amazing card can solve this negative point. That’s amazing, isn’t it? This is the map of transportations available for no additional charge.



4. Feature No.2


This pass allows you to enter about 35 sightseeing spots for free by showing the pass. By using this card, if you can go to visit all places, you save about 25,000yen. I will introduce you three spots that I absolutely recommend you among the lists.
First place is Osaka Museum of Housing and Living.


You can explore the town of Osaka in the late Edo period that was replicated to the actual size. You also can try on Japanese traditional clothing (Kimono) by paying some additional money. Taking pictures with Kimono must be your unforgettable memory.

Second option is Tomobori River Cruise.
This cruise tour goes around Dotombori River for 20 minutes. This Dotombori place is kind of classic Osaka-city view. After this cruise tour, you have to walk around the city, and enjoy Osaka traditional food like takoyaki or okonomiyaki.

The last one is, of course, Osaka-Castle Museum.
It is not too much to say that your Osaka trip never starts without visiting this outstanding castle. You can enjoy Japanese old-time atmosphere.
Although there are more spots that I want you all to visit, I do not have enough space to explain every spot. Here is the link that shows facilities you can use for free by showing the transportation pass. (



5. Feature No.3


The last feature is you can receive privileges such as discount by showing the pass. If I get asked to choose the one among lists, I recommend you to go to Spa World Onsen from around the World. You can literally enjoy baths from the around world and bedrock bath. In addition, they offer to enjoy a swimming pool, a sports gym and so on. This facility must make you relax from your daily life stress.


In conclusion,
Even though I want to introduce you every wonderful spots that you can get benefit by showing this card, it may take forever to do so. I will put the link that shows you its more details at the end of this article. For sure, this ticket will save your money and make your journey more colorful. I did introduce you just few of their incredible benefits. If this article makes you interested in using this pass, please go check yourself to know more information. For your information, its homepage is written in multiple-language. (

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