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3 Things You Must Know About “ON TIME” in Japan

By Yae Jun 10, 2017

You may see many situations that things are going “ON TIME” while you’re living in Japan.

In other words, Japanese people are strict with time. However, you must know it’s common sense in Japan and you must live with that if you want to get along in this country. For instance, trains always scheduled on time and even they will be late 1 minute, you will hear announcements from station staff to let people know that trains are late. This supports peoples’ reschedule quickly which they’ve already planned for the day or for the next appointments.

Any advise for being on time to work as a part-time job in Japan?

Here are 3 important advise for working.

1.Be at Working Place 5 Minutes Early

This doesn’t mean that you’re at working place building and preparing yourself for work, but means you’re already on the position to start for work. The reason why 5 minutes early is because this includes the risk for being late such as oversleep, transportation trouble, etc. You may be in trouble from your boss if you’re late for work. If you’re running little late for oversleep and realized you can’t be at work by time, make sure you must call your direct boss immediately.

2.If You Can’t Keep the Deadline, You Must “Report, Note, Discuss”(RND) to Your Boss in Advance

Each staff have their deadlines for work and making delay makes other staff trouble especially if you work as a team. However, RND action may avoid the risk of company profits and your boss can have time to suggest for alternative plans to make working line smoothly.

3.What if You Don’t Keep “ON TIME” Continuously?

Frankly speaking, you may lose your authority and lose your job. Be on time means the same as keep the promise. This is the basic rule for working style in Japan. If you’re managing the company, do you want to keep the staff who is always late and need to rearrange working line all the time?

So now you feel little tense and scared for Japanese “ON TIME” aspect? Don’t worry, think this way “Time is Money.”

Everything is related to efficiency and trustworthy for being on time and Japanese people thinks time is very important. Now ready for apply the job? You can do it!



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