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The Best 4 Places to Work in Japan

By Guidable Writers Sep 4, 2017

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The Best 4 Places to Work in Japan

Top 4 best places to work in Japan?

When you decide to move to Japan using a working holiday, you will come up with this one thing… “but were in Japan?” As you can imagine, Japan looks small, but it’s bigger than you think. The Japanese land area is about 377,923 square kilometers, and it is almost the same as the German one. In this ample land, we have 47 prefectures as the largest administrative divisions of Japan. And, each prefecture has each unique feature. So it is not easy to decide which city would be your first destination. Here are some tips for choosing the places for a working holiday in Japan from a job perspective. Find your favorite city, and enjoy your working and traveling in Japan!


1. Tokyo

The huge international city, Tokyo, must be your first choice. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of opportunities to work in Tokyo. And it can be the best place to know how Japanese society works and how Japanese people spend their lives in the urban area. You can try to find a job in several kinds of industries. If you are an English native speaker, you might be able to become an English teacher. If you are familiar with Japanese food, you might be able to work as a waiter or a waitress at some cafes or restaurants. And you will notice so many Chinese tourists come to Tokyo for shopping if you stay there. If you are a native Chinese speaker, you might get a job at a department store or electronics retail store to help those Chinese customers. There must be a lot of opportunities in Tokyo.

2. Niseko in Hokkaido

Niseko is located in Hokkaido, which is the Northern part of Japan. In this city, you can see the wide sky, many kinds of flowers, and a beautiful mountain called Youteizan. However, this place is not only famous for the spring and summer because of those beautiful flowers. Niseko is one of Japan’s best ski resorts, and many foreigners are coming here to work in winter while they are on a working holiday. There are only a few websites to search for a job at Niseko since there are some types of works, even at one ski resort. You might be required to work as a receptionist at a lodge, a driver to send guests to a train station, or a server at a restaurant, etc. You will experience and learn Japanese hospitality. It might be interesting for people who have not seen any snow in their life to work in a cold snowing place in Japan. You might start your day with cleaning up snow piled up during the night. The most beautiful thing is the stay you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of snow.

3. Myoko in Niigata

If you want to stay in Honsyu, the main island of Japan, and still try to work at a ski resort, Myoko might be a great idea. The new Shinkansen line, called Hokuriku Shinkansen, was launched two years ago, making it more comfortable to get to Niigata Prefecture from Tokyo. It is also possible to commute to school or university in Tokyo and moving to Niigata to work at a ski resort during the winter vacation. If you have an experience of teaching skiing or snowboarding, you might have an opportunity to work at a ski school. Myoko in Niigata is also famous for hot springs, so you might be able to go and look around and find your favorite hot spring when you have time!

4. Okinawa

If you missed this summer to come to Japan and think about the next summer already, Okinawa should be on your bucket list for a working holiday in Japan. As many of you already know, Okinawa has become an international touristy place. More tourists are coming, more job opportunities there must be. Okinawa is the southern island in Japan. It has a different climate from Honshu. Especially in the summertime, you will enjoy a lovely beach and marine sports in the crystal clear water thanks to the hot and pleasant weather. Okinawa is well known as one of the holiday destinations for the Japanese. So, you will also have the possibility to meet many Japanese, and you might be able to talk with people from the prefectures you have never been to. It is an excellent opportunity to find the next place you want to visit after Okinawa. You will find any hospitality jobs there. There are a lot of workers needed at hotels, stores, or restaurants during the summer. Plus, if you have a license for diving, you can try to work as an instructor. Diving in Okinawa will mark your most memorable time in Japan!

The Best 4 Places to Work in Japan

So, have you found out the best place to work in Japan yet?

As you can see from the list above, some different workplace recommendations depend on which job you want to take. You will find many opportunities in each season. Find what you are interested in, and get ready for work in Japan. In the end, you will be able to get a great experience in every city you go to.

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