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For your comfortable transfer around Japan…About “ JAPAN RAIL PASS.”

Jul 10, 2016

Do you know you can use  every railroad systems around Japan inexpensively if you have this ticket? ... Read More...


Medical systems and facilities in Japan

Jul 9, 2016

Medical systems and facilities in Japan are well established, and you can receive a high standard of... Read More...

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Western Cafediner Texas Cowboy

Jul 9, 2016

Western Cafediner Texas Cowboy is the best burger restaurant I have ever had in Yamagata, Japan. Thi... Read More...

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Auto Charge to IC card

Jul 9, 2016

1. What is Auto Charge?   It is Japanese-made English word that meaning refill or top... Read More...

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Move to Japan: Getting a Mobile Connection

Jul 8, 2016

What could be there to read about something as simple as getting a mobile connection right? Well, yo... Read More...

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Can I have a credit card issued in Japan?

Jul 8, 2016

Many foreigners might think that cannot make the credit card of Japan, but there is no such a th... Read More...

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Enjoy Japanese festivals! (Omatsuri)

Jul 8, 2016

《What are festivals for in Japan?》 Each festival has each meaning, which is closely related to re... Read More...

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Japanese traditional festival “Tanabata”

Jul 7, 2016

"Tanabata" is a Japanese traditional festival. It is one of the season festivals in a year. There... Read More...

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Introducing IC cards, shopping-based

Jul 7, 2016

Reference:Convenient IC card of Japan, issued by railway companies Do you have Electronic money, ... Read More...

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Let’s be a temporally car owner in Japan

Jul 6, 2016

In Japan, we have many options for transportation. Public transportation like trains, subways and bu... Read More...

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Tips to drive in Japan

Jul 6, 2016

Driving a car in Japan in is different from most of other countries. Japanese car has a steering whe... Read More...

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Tips for Using of the air conditioners and the electric fan/circulator

Jul 6, 2016

Because of very hot, it is hard to spend the summer in Japan. So, strong ally of such summer, the... Read More...

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What is COOL BIZ Dress Campaign in Japan?

What is COOL BIZ Dress Campaign in Japan?

Jul 6, 2016

Do you know about COOL BIZ in Japan?   Do you like the summer heat? Chances are gl... Read More...

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How to Master Japanese Convenient Stores

Jul 5, 2016

Do You Frequent CVS? There are bunch of convenience stores location across Japan. The 1st CVS in ... Read More...

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Rainy season in Japan – called “Tsu-yu” and “Aki-same”

Jul 4, 2016

What is called “梅雨 (Tsu-yu)” and “秋雨 (Aki-same)”   You might hear the word of “梅雨 (Ts... Read More...

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