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Korean Make-up and Fashion Trends in Japan

By Ferinmi Jun 28, 2019

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The Expansion of Korea Culture in Japan

Recently, there is a huge South Korean flourish in young people around the world. They are obsessed with South Korea pop cultures such as Korea pop idols, Korean drama series, Korean music, Korean food, and cosmetic products. Korean makeup and skincare products are in huge demand over the world because they are not only affordable but also great quality. Thus, there are highly popular among Japanese people. Korean beauty products are as common as Japanese beauty products. Many products can be easily purchased at shops in Shin Okubo (The huge Korean town in Tokyo, Japan) which is such a paradise place for Korean lovers. Shin Okubo station is the next station away from Shinjuku station. It is the best known as the center of Japan’s infatuation with Korean stuff. There have not only Korean cosmetic products but also Korean food and Korean idol’s goods as well. Likewise, there are many Korean beauty brands and their beauty products are available in Japan. In this article, I would like to introduce Korean cosmetic brands which sell the latest trendy Korean beauty products. In addition, you are able to buy all of these in Japan. If you are looking to find a present for someone, getting cosmetics is a good route to go particularly if the person is a woman that has interests in make-up. Getting Korean-style makeup will definitely make an impression. 

3CE : Three Concept Eyes



Three Concept Eyes is produced by the brand called ‘STYLE NANDA’ which is a South Korean-based make up and fashion brand. It had internationally expanded and established branches in the various countries mainly in Asia such as Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, China, and Singapore. However, L ‘Oreal announced the acquisition of Nanda Co., Ltd last year (2018).
Their cosmetic products are well-known. Besides, their packages look like a million bucks which are Instagram worthy. The product package is the main factor for winning the customer’s heart besides the price factor or high-grade concealment. It is easier for every girls  to make a decision which powder, blush or eye shadows is the best product to purchase. However, several reviews and comments from beauty blogger are also another factor for customers to make a decision when they purchase the cosmetic. In addition, many famous beauty bloggers on the internet reviewed that a lot of the products have a bright and vibrant color, and rarely fade after applying it. 3CE brand categories their products into 11 categories.

1. Edition: Mood for blossom, Take a layer, 3CE Maison Kitsune, 3CE White Milk, Love 3CE, 3CE Studio, Red Recipe, Mood Recipe, Pink Rumour, Pink Boutique, and Glow Make up.
2. Face: Makeup, Skin Care
3. Eye: Eyebrow, Eye shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara and Eye Primer
4. Cheek: Highlight and Shading
5. Lip: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Tint, Lip Pencil and Lip care
6. Nail: Nail polish and tools
7. Body and Hair
8. Tool: Brush sponge and Puff
9. Accessory includes a bag, a mirror, and other usual makeup accessories.
10. Product set kit
It is a makeup cosmetic set for beauty lovers. They provide lipstick set which has several color shade and makeup brush kit as well.
11. Fragrance


Price: 770 yen
code: P000MMAK
Color: My own, Humming, Pink Attitude and Baby
For more information about their products. please take a look from their website. It is also available in English.
After I reviewed 3CE’s products, most beauty lovers said their lipstick is the best product. There are not only several color lipstick shade but also many collections for everyone’s lifestyle and at a great value as well.


Price: 1,990 yen for single and 5,560 yen for set kit
code: 218, 219, 220, 221 and 222
There are five shades in this collection. Different code means different color lipstick shade.


Price: 1,670 yen for single and 13,350 yen for set kit
code: P000NCOX.

Etude House


Etude House is a well known cosmetic brand among teenage girls. They are using the concept of a brand called freely and proudly visit the princess hidden in the customer. Likewise, they are working on a  Princess Marketing project which makes their customers feel like they are princesses. It is not only their product packages but also their interior shop design as well. Etude House has adorable princess-style interior with a pink theme and girly. Etude House’s staffs always dress in the pink theme clothes who always help customers as their princess in the castle.
There are many shop branches all over Japan. Etude House brand has several kinds of cosmetics which have been categorized into 9 categories.

1. Eye: Eye shadow, Shadow Palette, Eyeliner, Eye Mascara, Eyebrows and Eye Primer
2. Lip: Lip Stick, Lip Tint, Lip Gloss and Lip care / Concealer
3. Nail: Nail Color, Nail care, Nail tools, and Nail Remover
4. Face : Cushion, Foundation / BB cream / Concealer, Base / Primer, Powder / Compact, Contouring / Highlighter and Blusher
5. Cleansing: Foam cleanser, Water / Oil / Cream, Make up remover and Exfoliators / Scrub
6. Skin Care: Toner, Lotion, Beauty Essence, Cream, Eye care, Mist, Mask Sheet, Massage / Sleeping pack, Special care, and Suncare
7. Body and Hair: Body care, Body Cleanser, Body Moisturizer, Haircare, and Hand / Footcare
8. Fragrance: Perfume and Body Mist
9. Accessory: Brush, Puff and Sponge, Cotton pad, Make up tools, False Eye Lashes, Pouch and Palette

Etude House brand products are not only good quality items but also their package of all their products undeniably cute and make customers want to use it.
I strongly recommend one of their product which is ETUDE HOUSE DOUBLE LASTING CUSHION SPF34/PA++.

Price : 2,376 yen (tax included)
Color: Cool Tone (P02 Rosy Pure, P03 Light Vanilla and P04 Petal) Neutral Tone (N03 Neutral Vanilla, N04 Natural Beige and N05 Sand) and Warm Tone (Y03 Ivory and Y04 Beige) If you do not know which color suits you, please do not hesitate to ask Etude House’s staff. They will serve you like a princess. They also provide refill type so that you can save up money. This cushion is a high grade concealer. I normally use this cushion before applying compact and powder. In my opinion, this cushion also works as primer, base, and foundation when using it.
For more information about their products. please take a look from their website. English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese is available.



Innisfree is known for being South Korea’s first naturalism-oriented cosmetic and skincare brand from Juju Island where is the clean nature’s green energy. It had expanded and established branches mainly in Asia. It has stores in South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. it also has a store in Australia. Innisfree’s concept is ‘Clean Island, where clean nature and healthy beauty coexist happily’. Thus, their products are made mainly from plant-based ingredients. Likewise, it practices eco-friendly green life to protect its health.
Innisfree products are good for skin health. To make it easier for customers, they categorized their products as following.

1. Face: Cushion, Base / Primer, BB cream / CC Cream, Foundation, Compact / powder and blusher
2. Lips: Lipstick, Lip Tint, Lip gloss, and Lip treatment
3. Eyes: Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Eyebrow, and Mascara
4. Nail
5. Skin Care: Serum, Moisturizers, Eye care, Masks, Cleansers, Toners, and Suncare
6. Tools

Facial Mask is one of the best product from Innisfree which I would like to recommend. Personally, 
 my face is really sensitive to chemical or strange things. I have used a lot of facial masks from several brands and found that Facial Mask from Innisfree is the best and worth my money. The facial mask series ‘My real Squeeze Mask’ is my recommendation. For your information, I have tried using all of these facial masks from My Real Squeeze Mask series already. This facial mask series will help to enrich dry and rough skin to help it become healthier.

My Real Squeeze Mask [Acai Berry] 20 ml

Price: 162 yen
Effect: to leave the skin resilient and full of energy

My Real Squeeze Mask [Green Tea] 20 ml

Price: 162 yen
Effect: to keep dry skin moisturized

My Real Squeeze Mask [Manuka Honey] 20 ml

Price: 162 yen
Effect: to thoroughly replenishes moisture on dry and rough skin

My Real Squeeze Mask [Tomato] 20 ml


Price: 162 yen
Effect: to leave tired skin clear and vibrant
Another facial mask which I usually use once or twice a week is Skin clinical mask – Vita C.

Skin clinical mask – Vita C 1 sheet / 20 ml

Price: 238 yen
Effect: Vitamin C brighten your dull skin and leave it to look clear and radiant.
Likewise, another recommendation from a beauty blogger is Skin clinical mask – Collagen and Peptide

Skin clinical mask – Collagen 1 sheet / 20 ml

Price: 238 yen
Effect: to rejuvenate your skin and leave it feeling resilient.

Skin clinical mask – Peptide 1 sheet / 20 ml

Price: 238 yen
Effect: to intensively reduce signs of aging and leave your skin feeling sleek and resilient.
For more information, please check it from their website. Japanese, English, Thai, Chinese, Vietnam, and Indonesia are available on this website. Moreover, Innisfree brand has been approved by countless South Korean celebrities.




MISSHA is South Korea skin care and cosmetic. It is a part of Able C&C Co., Ltd. Likewise, it is also known for high-quality cosmetic and lower cost duplication when compared to other cosmetic brands. MISSHA’s skin care products and base make up were claimed that it has been made from natural ingredients. Only 1 MISSHA’s BB cream play a role as prime, foundation, sunscreen, and serum are also known as four in one BB cream. Thus, it is popular among beauty lovers.
MISSHA products range from face to body as the following categories:

1. Skin care: Various types of treatment cream, Essence Sunblock cream
2. Base: BB Cream, Blusher, Concealer, Contouring, Cushion / Compact, Foundation, and Powder /  Primer
3. Eye: Eyebrow, Eyelash, Eyeliner, and Eye Shadow
4. Lip: Lip care, Lip Tint, Lipstick, and Lip Gloss
5. Body: Brightener, Firming Fragrance, Moisturizing, Shower, and Cleansing
6. Foot: Foot Mask
7. Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling, and Treatment
8. Hand: Hand Cream
9. Cleaning and Facial Scrub: Cleansing, Facial Scrub
10. Mask and Sheet Mask
11. Accessories: Makeup Brush, Sponge and Puff, Bottle, Case, and nail
I have read several reviews and comments from MISSHA user and found that most of them recommended M Perfect Cover BB Cream.

M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 / PA++ 50ml

Price: 2,580 yen (Tax included)
Code: No.13 Bright Beige, No.21 Light Beige, No. 23 Natural Beige, No.25 Warm Beige, No.27 Honey Beige, No. 29 Caramel Beige and No. 31 Golden Beige
For more information about their products. please take a look from their website. English is also available.

Why are Korea Brands Becoming more Popular in Japan and Pop-up Store?


There is the Korean town in Tokyo, Japan called Shin Okubo where is close to Shinjuku. That is the main center in Tokyo. Thus, everyone easily goes there. Shin Okubo is lately regaining business and visitors because of the Korean boom. The main factor that causes Korean boom is the Korean idols. They are not only good-looking but also their songs are melodious as well. Furthermore, most of the Korean idols can speak more than 2 or 3 languages. Their fans know this and tried to improve themselves and work hard on study or working by using their idol as an ideal person to aspire to. Their fans do not imitate only their studying or working habits, but also dressing up and wearing make up as well. All these lead to the Korean boom until recently.

As you know that most of the girls love to be beautiful and pretty in front of everyone. Thus, they have to have a good looking dress. However, only dressing up is not enough. Making up is the main factor for girls when it comes changing their looking. This is such a normal thing for many girls in the world especially Asia girls. Even you take her to the pool, the makeup will probably still stay on due to waterproof cosmetic to use in this case. The best-known way to remove cosmetic is using the make up remover.

What do you think of the Korean Makeup boom in Japan? Is it good or bad? Would you ever try Korean makeup? Let me know in the comment section below!


Ferinmi / Thailand