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Top 5 Affordable Japanese Skincare Brands for Sensitive Skin

By Kunti Ibrahim Mar 13, 2024

The pervasive calm nature that characterizes Japan is reflected in their skincare products. Dermatologists recommend caring for sensitive skin by avoiding products containing sodium lauryl sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, and synthetic dyes and choosing gentle, hydrating products, which are provided by these Japanese skincare brands below. With gentle ingredients being alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, and dye-free, wallet-friendly Japanese skincare for sensitive skin aims to gently moisturize and repair, making healthy, glowing skin achievable from your home. 

Wallet-Friendly Japanese Skincare Brands for Sensitive Skin

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1. Hada Labo

Labeled as Japan’s #1 skin care brand, Hada Labo is well-known for its straightforward approach to moisturizing and soothing even the most delicate skin. Hada Labo makes the best use of hyaluronic acid as its distinctive element, a moisturizing ingredient that leads to a healthier, younger-looking skin. Costing ¥877, this viral Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Lotion contains 7 different types of hyaluronic acid, and has become a souvenir essential for tourists in Japan.


The minimalist, yet aesthetic packaging of MUJI’s skincare line makes it irresistible to spark curiosity about the goodness it contains within. MUJI’s Toning Water contains natural water collected from a cave in Kamaishi City, which has the same slightly alkaline pH balance as our tears, making it easily absorbed by the skin. MUJI shows dedication to providing gentle care the skin needs in its skincare products that are dye-free, mineral oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and paraben-free.

3. Nameraka Honpo

You have probably caught wind of the buzz surrounding the Sana Nameraka eye cream. This skincare brand incorporates the moisturizing benefits of soybeans, while harnessing the brightening properties of niacinamide and arbutin. Nameraka Honpo keeps things interesting by offering different skincare lines – whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging – all packed with beauty ingredients of isoflavones in its own unique way, while still being reasonably priced.

4. Cow Brand

Having been around since 1928, Cow Brand has been a trusted solution for those with sensitive skin. The brand is known for its gentle touch, steering clear of colorants, fragrances, and preservatives. Plus, it contains the same moisturizing ingredients as bare skin, such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids. For just ¥605, you can treat yourself with the most gentle face wash that could be out there: Cow Brand Additive-Free Moisturizing Face Wash. Packed with vegetable soap and vegetable amino acids, it is super gentle on the skin, minimizing irritation.

5. naturie 

Deeply moisturizing, affordable, and enduring for months – what could be more ideal for those with sensitive skin? The naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner stands out as a beloved product in Japanese skincare, repeatedly repurchased by both Japanese and foreigners for its ability to effectively lock in moisture while feeling light on the skin. With its substantial 500 ml size priced at just ¥748, it’s a steal. Infused with natural moisturizing elements of coix barley extract, naturie’s skincare products not only nourish but also fortify the skin’s protective barrier, making it a dream come true for those with sensitive skin concerns.

Love Your Sensitive Skin With Japanese Skincare

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Using soothing, non-irritating skin care is one act of self-love, a way to treat yourself to the gentle care and kindness you deserve. It’s often said that you should “treat your skin like it’s as delicate as a tofu”. Japan is the perfect place to practice this phrase by incorporating these skincare brands listed above into your routine for better-feeling skin, as one of the steps to achieve a more confident self and finer well-being.

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